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MenoBalance Cream is a natural remedy for PMS relief. It has 37.5 mg progesterone USP per 1/4 tsp.

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MenoBalance Cream – Best Progesterone Cream for Menopause

MenoBalance Cream is one of the best natural remedies for menopause and a perimenopause relief cream that’s non-comedogenic and soy, gluten and fragrance-free. It is recommended for women who are experiencing menopause symptoms.

However, MenoBalance Cream is not your ordinary natural menopause relief cream. It is an effective transdermal supplement also intended to help women who’ve been dealing with PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). But we understand that these women won’t prefer a product made for menopause.

And undeniably, they may not pick a cream named MenoBalance from a health food store despite knowing that the supplement may help reduce PMS symptoms.

That’s why Whole Family Products labeled MenoBalance and PMS Balance, our natural PMS symptoms relief cream, differently.

MenoBalance and PMS Balance are actually the same product with identical ingredients that are labeled under two different names depending on what you are using it for. The reason for these two names only has to do with what name you personally want on the bedside table.

MenoBalance Cream Benefits

If you’re searching for the best progesterone cream for menopause, look no further as MenoBalance is the best USP progesterone cream infused with bioidentical progesterone extracted from the roots of Mexican Wild Yam. It may help in curbing symptoms of PMS and menopause such as:

  • Hot flashes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Shrinking (caused by the onset of osteoporosis, bone density, and loss)
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low libido

Things To Consider

MenoBalance natural progesterone cream is not one and the same with wild yam creams available in the market. Its USP progesterone content is converted to be exactly the same as the body would naturally produce.

MenoBalance cream supports the body’s own processes transdermally. It is taken in through the skin by way of essential oils and aloe vera.

These ingredients carry progesterone into the bloodstream to be used fully by the body. And because MenoBalance is a transdermal supplement, it does not interfere in the processes involving the liver and the digestive tract.

Where To Buy MenoBalance Cream?

MenoBalance cream is available at Whole Family Products, your trusted source of natural health supplements online. Buy Now the best progesterone cream for menopause and you’ll surely won’t regret your purchase!

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California Prop65 Warning

Unfortunately, natural progesterone cream products are not available, by our company, to California residents except by a doctor. Natural progesterone, NOT chemical progestins, has been considered the safe alternative for decades but is now listed among 800+ ingredients as possibly causing cancer and or reproductive / birth defects.

We decided to speak out now, rather than be part of the misunderstanding going forward.

We urge you to contact your elected officials to change these laws depriving you of natural health choices. Subsequently, contact your natural health physician and have him/her contact us to purchase our Doctor's-only line of products.

Your rights to make natural choices over harmful pharmaceutical substances are being stolen from you under the guise of "being kind to the environment". Make informed choices when you vote and with what you buy. Don't be manipulated by anti-natural health enthusiasts. The future of free health choice is at stake.

Contact us for more information.

Read more and find links about Prop65 at: Prop65


5 reviews for Menobalance Cream

  1. Connie (verified owner)

    I began using the original, Restored Balance Cream when I was 46, and used it for over 10 years. After a lifetime of terrible menstrual periods with mood problems, this cream was my salvation. I continued to have regular periods until my late 50’s when i decided to stop cold turkey, thinking it would be good to reset my system. My periods stopped immediately and I never had another. I did then have some hot flashes but they were not severe. After trying hormone replacement from my MD for 3 years, I returned to MenoBalance. Can’t say enough about how helpful this cream was to me.

  2. Christie P (verified owner)

    I have been using this cream for about 20 years. I began using is when it was called Restored Balance. I began using it for hot flashes and mood swings, but I continue to use it for osteoporosis prevention and as a hormone replacement. I plan to stay on it for life.

  3. Kim L (verified owner)

    I am 62 years old and have been on this cream since June 2017.My sister-in-love recommended for hot flashes and night sweats. I had been using Arbonnes progesterone cream since I was 40. They discontinued it in 2017 due to an ingredient in their product that was known to cause cancer in the state of California!The whole reason I was using it was in addition to preventing hot flashes and night sweats;to PREVENT breast cancer!Holy -****!Anyway…………..I ran out a couple of months ago and started experiencing night sweats again,so I know this product works. I am also a Registered Nurse and quite knowledgeable about the endocrine system works. Customer service is awesome!Elizabeth was very helpful when my credit card company would not put my payment through. It was a glitch that was taken care of through PayPal.The product is so popular that it is back ordered for a couple of weeks. I will have to wait.:( It will be worth it! I am very thankful for this product.:)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    this product works wonders to keep the hot flashes away. thanks for a natural product versus cancer causing estrogen pills

  5. Tracy (verified owner)

    Thanks for providing this great product!

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