Whole Family Products began in 1998 when we were encouraged to take our infertility help to the internet. A short time later came our first infertility information website. After helping couples overcome infertility naturally, and the trust factor growing, many encouraged us to sell products we believed in – to give them a safe place to purchase what they wanted. With this nudging from our group participants, our first online store was born.

The more you learn about fertility, the more you understand how the human body works; not just one system at a time but hand in hand with all 12 body systems. Natural health enthusiasm, the passion to provide affordable products and a desire to work with individuals with all manner of concerns, fueled our move into total health.

Every time someone would ask how to help this or that, it became more and more obvious that we needed products that would help the individual but even more, we needed to educate the person and we needed to care.

Natural health is not big pharma. It’s about nourishing yourself to encourage a long healthy life. Educate yourself. Without the empowerment of information we will soon lose the right to make our own health choices about our own bodies. California’s Prop65 is a perfect example of a fox in the chicken house. Search our articles and read more about it.

We look forward to serving you through information and by prayer.

Blessings to you, Brenda – CEO & Founder of WFP

Whole Family Products is a leading formulator and distributor of Bio-identical Natural Hormone (BNHT) and Supplemental Health Creams online. Founded in 1998 specializing in natural fertility, we offer quality natural products for fertility, endocrine and total body health; adolescents through menopause, andropause & senior health.


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