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The CBD drops relieves pain, stiffness and inflammation.

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Our Blog

Sometimes I just need to blog

I heard about CBD oil while researching post carpal tunnel release surgery so I thought would give it a try. I started taking 2 drops under my tongue twice daily after my surgery and had little to no swelling in my hand and fingers! My physical therapist even said he was “pretty amazed” at how little swelling was present 5 days after the surgery! Bottom line, is that this CBD oil is probably one of the best products on the market like everything else Whole Family Products sells!
Thank you Whole Family Products!!


Verified Purchase


CBD Oil with Terpenes

BEST cbd oil on the market! My husband has tried lots of other “similar CBD oil products and this one has given him by far the best results. It’s given him the most help with anxiety and depression and sleep . Amazing the difference a quality product makes!


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CBD Oil with Terpenes

Bear with me here, I have a lot to say about this product. First, the price is insanely great! I was using a different brand at a lower dosage and paying upwards of $80!  Second, “Full Spectrum CBD Oil Strawberry Drops 750mg” taste really good. Other brands have that “plant taste” and are sort of heavy. Last, this CBD oil works! My headaches are lessened, my cramps relieved, and when taken for anxiety I’ve noticed major improvements! You will not be disappointed in this product, I sure wasn’t!


Verified Purchase


CBD Oil Drops



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