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Chrysin Max is a natural aromatase inhibitor transdermal cream (estrogen blocker) designed to regulate testosterone and estrogen hormones. It primarily acts by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, allowing for a balanced level of sex hormones among men.

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Natural aromatase inhibitor Chrysin Max of Whole Family Products employs the numerous health benefits of Chrysin, a naturally occurring flavonoid extracted from a rare plant known as passiflora incarnate (also known as Passion flower) known to be effective in balancing testosterone and estrogen levels through preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

How Do Aromatase Inhibitors Work?

Aromatase inhibitors work by suppressing the activity of the enzyme aromatase, which activates aromatization, a process that involves the conversion of androgen and testosterone into different forms of estrogen. An increase in aromatase activity in men may result in low circulating testosterone causing symptoms like breast development and limited growth of bones.

Factors that could lead to high aromatase activity include age, alcohol consumption, insulin, and obesity.

Why Choose Chrysin Max For Aromatase Inhibition?

When used in high concentration levels, chrysin is known to be an aromatase inhibitor. But only if applied to the skin externally since orally administered chrysin does not exhibit any clinical activities as an aromatase inhibitor. Its inhibiting effects are making it more popular among bodybuilders as well as athletes.

As men age, testosterone levels begin to decline. This can be a result of many factors, including poor diet, lack of exercise, various glandular dysfunctions, alcohol abuse, and even simply too much stress on the body and mind. One of the biggest causes of declining testosterone in men as they age, however, is excess aromatase enzyme activity. This activity, when it gets out of control, which it can as we age, results in too much of our valuable testosterone being turned into estrogen.

Obviously then, men want to avoid having this happen above normal levels. Our solution is Chrysin Max, a unique estrogen blocker made from the highest quality of chrysin.

After many tests and studies, researchers found that at the proper dosage, chrysin is capable of reducing the aromatase enzyme activity in both men and women. Originally, this extract was used primarily to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women who were thought to be at high risk for the disease. This is because the cause of breast cancer is often believed to be excess estrogen in females.

But men can be estrogen dominant as well when excess aromatase enzyme activity occurs. As a result, chrysin was also utilized among men and presented healthful benefits in promoting testosterone estrogen balance.

Chrysin Max Benefits

Besides regulating testosterone and estrogen levels, chrysin also hinders the suppression of natural killer cells that are known to kill cancer cells. Additionally, this extract contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. When used properly, it may support:

  • Greater stamina
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Higher energy levels
  • Enhanced libido and erectile function
  • Greater muscle tone
  • Better sexual function
  • Greater mood

Are you excited to try Chrysin Max to recapture your vigor? Order now at Whole Family Products, your trusted online shop for natural supplements!

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