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more natural hormone creams, oils and gels and nutritional supplements; in various strengths and sizes. something for everyone.

When you succeed, we succeed.

It’s hard to keep up with the online giants but our success includes helping YOU.  As you grow, we grow. Whole Family Products is growing monthly with new products, improved products and keeping the ones you have loved for a long time. Come grow with us.  Choose YOUR road to our products.

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Doctors-only line of creams. No more market saturated, low priced competition.


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What People Are Saying About Our Products and Customer Service

“I couldn’t seem to get a handle on my Estrogen levels…until I found Estrogen Block. I slightly adjusted the dosage until I found the right one for me. I no longer take DIM.
Estrogen Block was able to accomplish what pharmaceuticals couldn’t… I am a real 54 year old male, with real issues, and found a real solution with this product.”

John - SC

“I love this cream. It helps my arthritis and Fibromyalgia pain more than any meds I have used. I highly recommend Pain Away”

Joy Prince

“I try to not ever be without this MenoBalance cream. It cleared up “foggy” thinking when I first used it. I didn’t realize what thinking in a fog was until I used this. It also balances out my moods. I buy it by the case for my family’s sake. : )
Also, the service at Whole Family Products is superb! The associates are friendly and helpful!”

Cindy B

” Cycle Balance Plus has been a lifesaver. Not only does it help me even out my cycle, but it also helps stem the horrible outbreaks of acne that normally come immediately after I stop taking the pill. I can also see a reduction in my anxiety. This stuff really is AMAZING.”

Ruby S

“I love Alive Probiotics! Alive really works, and quickly at that. I am on the road with my work, and do not always eat right. I have a tender digestive system, which is no fun when a bathroom is miles away. Alive Probiotics make a sour belly feel back to normal, and soothe that urgent feeling while keeping me regular. This is a funny topic about which to write on a website – a little embarrassing! But, that’s life in the real world. I am very pleased with this product and distributor and will gladly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their overall well-being and comfort. We always have a bottle or two on hand.”

J Matthews

“Alive Probiotic is the best I’ve found on the market after years of failed attempts! I’ve had chronic digestion and body chemistry issues for years and combined with the Super Immune Booster has given me a new lease on life! Not to mention their fantastic customer service which is second to none!”


Transdermal delivery – your body will love us.

Our products are cruelty free, never tested on animals.
We don’t use dyes and harmful ingredients.

  • Bio-Indentical 100% 100%
  • Bio-Available 100% 100%
  • Easy to Use 100% 100%


Bio-identical – exactly like your own body makes; no molecular tweaking, leading to life-threatening diseases. Transdermal – by the skin, not through the stomach = bio-availability.


Not only bio-identical but bio-available.  90% of our natural hormone creams are cold-processed.  The production temperature is very low so that vital properties are kept intact; easier for the body to assimilate.

Easier to Use

When given the choice of rubbing 1/4 tsp of cream on your arm or neck or swallowing pills, who wouldn’t pick cream?  Topical supplementation, AKA transdermally, is definitely the popular option.

Our Blog

Sometimes I just need to blog

Our products are built around ideas

CBD Freeze Pain Roll On Use In Menopausal Pain

CBD Freeze Pain Roll On is a pain relieving cream effective in addressing joint pains, cramps, migraines, and other symptoms associated with menopause. It has CBD (cannabidiol), a natural cannabis compound that contains anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties.

Ease Your Menopause Symptoms Using the Best CBD Oil With Terpenes

CBD is found to be effective in alleviating menopause symptoms such as pain, anxiety, and stress. Whole Family Products best CBD Oil with Terpenes is formulated with 99 percent pure CBD plus the relaxing benefits of terpenes that target sleeping difficulties. Read on to know how it eases menopause symptoms.

We don’t make a product.  We find a topic; a passion and we then hunt down solutions.  Blogging goes way back to when we were all about fertility, infertility and pregnancy issues.  Now whole body health is the journey and we invite you brings yours along.

From there to here…

Whole Family Products began in 1998 when we were encouraged to take our infertility help to the internet.  A short time later came our first  infertility information website.  After helping couples overcome infertility naturally, and the trust factor growing, many encouraged us to sell products we believed in – to give them a safe place to purchase what they wanted. With this nudging from our group participants, our first online store was born.

The more you learn about fertility, the more you understand how the human body works; not just one system at a time but hand in hand with all 12 body systems.  Natural health enthusiasm, the passion to provide affordable products and a desire to work with individuals with all manner of concerns, fueled our move into total health.

Every time someone would ask how to help this or that, it became more and more obvious that we needed products that would help the individual but even more, we needed to educate the person and we needed to care.

Natural health is not big pharma.  It’s about nourishing yourself to encourage a long healthy life.  Educate yourself.  Without the empowerment of information we will soon lose the right to make our own health choices about our own bodies.  California’s Prop65 is a perfect example of a fox in the chicken house.   Search our articles and read more about it.

We look forward to serving you through information and by prayer.
Blessings to you, Brenda – owner of WFP

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