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What are Systemic Enzymes? Are They Really Helpful for Fibroids and Inflammation?
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What Are Systemic Enzymes? Why Are They Good for You!

What are systemic enzymes? What do they do? Does this question bother you, and you don’t have a good explanation? Let’s try to understand it by starting with the basics. Enzymes are little catalysts that help drive multiple chemical reactions in the body. They are critical for the body to function normally.

Defining Systemic Enzymes

Now, what are systemic enzymes, and what do they do? The enzymes that work throughout the body in multiple organs are called system-wide or systemic enzymes. They derive functions from cardiovascular tasks and respiration.

Usually, these systemic enzymes are absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestines. Here they are circulated and help break down substances such as fibrin and sometimes even non-living tissue.

In simpler terms, the best systemic enzymes you will take can help you improve your health and wellbeing. Like all the other enzymes, these enzymes’ basic is to break or make critical substances in your body.

The popular and the best systemic enzyme supplements available in the market usually include Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, papain, and bromelain. These enzymes have different functions in the body. The best systemic enzymes on the market typically contain a blend of all these enzymes. They are designed to break down excess fibrin, remove necrotic debris, and strengthen the immune complexes in the blood. Most of the users take supplements that contain systemic enzymes for fibroids.

They are so good for your immunity that they are even called immune system enzymes. These enzymes support your immune system in fighting various pathogens by increasing your immunity.

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Some Significant Systemic Enzymes

As we have mentioned above, systemic enzyme supplements are usually a combination of different enzymes. Here are some of these enzymes that you should look for while buying any systemic enzyme supplements. Please read our article about Systemic Enzyme Therapy.


This enzyme is so powerful that it is sometimes referred to as “the miracle enzyme serrapeptase.” Serrapeptase was first extracted from silkworms, but now it is usually produced through fermentation. It is full of anti-inflammatory properties and also supports the function of the respiratory system. It also helps the body maintain muscle elasticity and viscosity. If you want to take care of your metabolic health and use a supplement that helps decrease muscle soreness, look for a supplement with Serrapeptase in it.


This enzyme is extracted from boiled soya beans that have been fermented with a bacterium called Bacillus Natto. This enzyme is right for you because it can break down fibrin and help maintain respiration and cardiovascular activities in the body. It is also a natural way to maintain adequate blood pressure, as it helps thin the blood.

Nattokizymes Best Nattokinase Enzyme Supplement Infographics

Systemic Enzymes Side Effects

If you want to take such a supplement, but are worried about the systemic enzymes side effects, do not fear. These enzymes are natural, safe, are well tolerated by the body, and are free of harmful side effects that many prescription medications carry.

How Can Systemic Enzymes Help You

The best systemic enzymes on the market, Serrazyme Enzyme and Serrazyme Ultra have multiple functions and support good health.

Anti-Fibrosis Effects

Systemic enzymes have a profound anti-fibrosis effect. Fibrosis is scar tissue that forms in the body, and as scientists often say, fibrosis eventually kills us all. Most of our enzymes are excreted in large quantities until we reach 27 years of age. Afterward, the body begins to excrete these enzymes in smaller doses to preserve them. This means that our body then has not enough tools to repair all the damage being done. All of this leads to the body-wide accumulation of scar tissue and fibrin. So, if you take special systemic enzymes for fibroids, you will have enough enzymes in your body to take care of this damage. Read more here The Miracle of Serrapeptase Scar Tissue Removal.

Better Immune System and Inflammatory Responses

Many people consume systemic enzymes for inflammation control. Enzymes inherently function by putting the body in a state of equilibrium. The body comes into a state of inflammation when the immune system is sent into overdrive. When the immune system runs too low, we can quickly become sick, but when it is overactive, you may experience inflammation and suffer from autoimmune disease. Systemic enzymes for inflammation work by balancing out your immune system and helping it perform at an optimal level.

Fighting Microbes

Your body is attacked by thousands of pathogens every day. These pathogens then reproduce and create havoc in our bodies. For their reproduction, they bind to the DNA in human cells; through its exterior protein cell wall. Anything that disrupts this cell wall can cause these microbes to become inert. Systemic enzymes attack these pathogens and prevent the body from becoming infected.

Temperature Balance

It is vital to maintain the optimal temperature in the human body. If the human body drops below or rises above a set level, it can cause serious harm. When a body part is injured, the body temperature in that region can increase. The rise in temperature is then moderated with the help of these systemic enzymes.

Blood Cleaner

Blood is essential for our bodily functions. It serves as a carrier for vital chemicals and elements that are needed by the body. Systemic enzymes can improve blood circulation by eating away excess fibrin. This fibrin can cause the blood to become thick, and that causes it to slow down and form clots. Clots can also increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

So, systemic enzymes may even help decrease some of the risks and improve cardiovascular health. These enzymes also help move the dead material out of the body. In addition, they cleanse the FC receptors on the white blood cells, which improves their function and helps them fight off infections.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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