Vinpocetine Clear Mind Complex For Brain And Heart Health

Vinpocetine benefits your brain and heart health. We know that in this competitive world, everyone wants to think clearly, reason logically and have longer mental endurance. But sometimes, one’s head gets foggy; the brain does not function properly. This condition affects simple tasks and assignments.

For those who want to excel, to be on top in their fields in terms of productivity, they need something to enhance and strengthen their cognitive abilities. One natural remedy is Vinpocetine, a substance that has been first isolated from periwinkle 30 years ago.

Periwinkle is an ordinary flowering plant but with extraordinary health properties. It originally came from Madagascar and now found in most Asian countries.

Vinpocetine supplement is a well-known powerful brain booster. It has been reported to improve circulation of the blood that carries oxygen and glucose to the brain. Inefficient blood flow to the brain causes a lack of mental alertness and sharpness, concentration, focus, and anxiety.

Moreover, some findings suggest that atherosclerosis does not only influence the heart but also our cognitive and brain health. A study conducted in people with cognitive impairment as manifested in their cognitive disability were given vinpocetine and six months after, there was an increase in memory, reasoning and information processing. The brain scans also showed improvement of cerebral utilization of oxygen.

Vinpocetine dietary supplement has been sold for over 20 years and has been proven very safe to use. Here at Whole Family Products, we take pride in Clear Mind Complex best vitamins for memory, a breakthrough formula of therapeutic herbs with vinpocetine benefits to support focus, clarity, and memory.

Have you tried a vinpocetine-enriched supplement before? Tell us how vinpocetine benefits your brain and heart health in the comments below.

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