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Fertile Balance: Organic USP Progesterone Cream for Fertility

Ryan and Ana have always wanted to have children of their own. Unfortunately, Ana has had a number of miscarriages before. She went for some tests from the local clinic and discovered she had low progesterone. That’s where Whole Family Products’ Fertile Balance can help you out. Fertile Balance is a natural USP progesterone cream that supports the body in switching back balance to hormones. Our USP grade progesterone cream is made from the pure and natural progesterone extract of Wild Yam, which produces bioidentical progesterone same and may help with:

  1. Stabilizing uterus lining
  2. Reducing infertility and menopausal symptoms
  3. Improving symptoms of PCOS
  4. Regulating menstrual cycle

The body absorbs Fertile Balance’ organic and natural ingredients compared into the bloodstream for more effective results than synthetic pills. Apply to thin-skinned areas. Use 1.25ml (1/4 tsp) for 12 days; starting at ovulation. Then stop and wait for your menses to begin and repeat. Whole Family Products’ Fertile Balance.

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