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Understanding The Miracle of Serrapeptase Scar Tissue Removal
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Let’s face it. Most of us are aesthetically very sensitive and a scar on any part of the body harms our self-esteem. Usual surgeries and laser treatment to remove scars are somewhat useful in scar removal but they can result in the spreading of scars even more. A well-known systemic enzyme called serrapeptase, naturally present in silkworm, is considered to be pretty effective in scar tissue removal. Serrapeptase is produced by bacteria in the digestive tract of silkworms. Because of its increased demand, it’s now been grown commercially in cultures via fermentation. Serrapeptase has been used for scar tissue in Japan and Europe for decades. Its role in the human body is to breakdown the complex proteins into smaller particles like amino acids. As a miracle enzyme, scar tissue removal is the remarkable role that Serrapeptase plays. It also reduces pain and inflammation, and fights alongside the immunity of the body offering a host of other health benefits on a whole.

What is Serrapeptase & Where to Find It?

Serrapeptase, also known as Serratiopeptidase, is a proteolytic systemic enzyme; “proteolytic” meaning that it works to break down the proteins and “systemic” because it works throughout the body and the bloodstream. It’s absorbed through the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) tract into the bloodstream, where it moves systemically and supports the body’s natural response to inflammation. Serrapeptase is produced by the Serratia species of bacteria.  It’s in the intestines of silkworms that this bacteria is most often found. Thanks to modern science this bacteria can now be produced, grown in cultures by using a method of fermentation and making it vegetarian. Serrapeptase has been used all over Asia and Europe clinically, for quite some time and is now becoming popular globally as well.

How Serrapeptase Helps Internal Scar Tissue?

Serrapeptase for internal scar tissues’ remedy is being used extensively now. The scars from any external accident or injury are not only unsightly but can be painful as well. Surgeries are a viable but risky option for scar removal, so the magical potion called Serrapeptase is used as a scar tissue reducer. It helps the body heal perfectly and flawlessly. Serrapeptase is a form of proteolytic enzymes; these enzymes are known to break down the protein into the smaller components of amino acids and peptides. “Scar tissue and adhesions are the results of excess fibrin (protein) which accumulates due to a lack of systemic enzymes preventing our body from knowing to stop producing fibrin during the healing process.” Serrapeptase “eat” the fibrin proteins that makeup scar tissue and have the unique ability to “know” what is necessary versus what is excess in the body. With adequate amounts of active systemic enzymes in the body, only a minimal amount of scar tissue remains after repairing the damage and hence the scars are removed.

Serrapeptase Dosage for Scar Tissue

Studies show the dosage can be anywhere between 30 to 60 mg per day. A dosage of 30 mg/day has proven to work safely and effectively for most of the patients. It’s clinically proven that Serrapeptase scar tissue breakdown activity is enhanced when the supplements administered empty stomach so it’s better to take it this way. And after taking the best serrapeptase supplement, one must not eat for at least 30 minutes. If one wants to take in the middle of the day, he/she must keep his stomach empty for at least 2 hours before taking the supplement; otherwise, it wouldn’t be much effective.

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How Long Does it Take for Serrapeptase to Work?

Many of the users administering Serrapeptase have this question in their minds: “how long will it take for Serrapeptase to work?’ While there is no proven duration for the exact course of action of this enzyme, most of the users using it say that it takes some 3 weeks to get rid of the discomfort of the scar and approximately further 4-6 to ensure that they are completely clear.  For a safer estimate, the doctors recommending it believe that the scar tissue degrader takes at least ‘30 to 90 days’ to work well on the fibrin proteins that are responsible for scar tissue. The enzyme eats up all the fibrin that is making the scar and further turns it into adhesions.

Medical Studies Proving Efficacy of Serrapeptase

The studies show that Serrapeptase offers support for respiratory, circulatory, sinus, joint, and muscle health in addition to the most prevalent scar tissue degrader use. More than three dozen studies from international journals appear in PubMed about Serrapeptase. Famous health journals and websites also acknowledge the amazing benefits of serrapeptase. A few of the well-known health websites acknowledge its scar healing potential as follows:

  • According to jonbarron.org, “The Proteolytic enzyme dissolves (digests) proteins. Scar tissue is made of protein and Fibrin is another name for this type of scar tissue. Serrapeptase being a proteolytic enzyme eats the excess fibrin to remove scars.”
  • “The amazing thing about systemic enzymes is that they only “target the excess or damaging fibrin/scar tissue and help regulate normal, healthy fibrin levels needed to recover from occasional incidents such as surgery or an injury.” Systemic Enzyme Therapy, WorldNutrition.net.

Nattokinase Scar Tissue Degradation

Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme that is widely known to help in blood clot removal and scar tissue degradation. The most popular and scientifically studied application for Nattokinase has focused on its potent fibrinolytic (“clot-busting”) activity meaning that it breaks down fibrinogen, a component of blood clots and atherosclerotic plaque. It is extracted from a Japanese traditional food ‘Natto’. Natto is produced by fermentation by adding the bacterium Bacillus Natto (it produces the enzyme) to boiled soybeans. Nattokinase breaks down the fibrinogen and keeps its amount reasonable in the body. Just like Serrapeptase, it also helps in the reduction of the scar tissue, inflammation of blood vessels and removes the plague that hinders circulation.

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Artificially produced by soybean, this enzyme contains vitamin K2 in excess amount. Lack of this vitamin can cause deposition of calcium in the blood vessels causing hindrance. It also regulates calcium in the body. It targets the thrombus forming tissues in the bloodstream. Nattokinase is considered to be four times more potent than the natural fibrin defense mechanism of the human body.

Nattokinase versus Serrapeptase

Although both enzymes have somewhat similar actions, there is a simple difference in how these target the proteins. Here is a small comparison of Serrapeptase versus Nattokinase.

Serrapeptase: It is a proteolytic enzyme that acts on fibroids and reduces inflammation by breaking down the complex proteins into smaller peptides and amino acids. It is known to break down blood clots.

Nattokinase: Unlike Serrapeptase, it is a fibrinolytic enzyme. Having a prominent effect on the cardiovascular system as it eats the calcium deposition in the arteries and veins. It directly acts on the site of thrombosis.

6 Awesome Health Benefits of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase

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Although Serrapeptase simply digests dead and inflamed tissue, these two problems are the cause of the majority of symptoms in the body. Nattokinase also has numerous applications due to its fibrinolytic activity. Both of the enzymes also have certain health benefits in common. A few of them are listed as follows:

1. Scar Tissue Breakdown

Serrapeptase and Nattokinase degrade the protein called fibrin, which is the prime reason for scars. Nattokinase and Serrapeptase scar tissue breakdown is the most valuable function performed by these enzymes.

2. Reduces Inflammation and Helps in Faster Healing

Serrapeptase and Nattokinase make the fluid consistency thin so that it could be drained quickly from the affected area to reduce the massive build-up of protein. Serrapeptase and Nattokinase can help improve the inflammation of the veins in a condition called thrombophlebitis.  Dental inflammation is significantly reduced by administering these enzymes resulting in easier dental implantation.

3. Helps Respiratory System to Function Better

Both of the enzymes can make the fluid thin by breaking down the proteins in mucus. So in that way, it makes your stuffy nose a bit runny so you could blow it faster and get relief.

In chronic bronchitis, mucus clearance is very difficult where Serrapeptase helps to reduce the phlegm and saliva. Likewise, Nattokinase also helps in chronic rhinosinusitis.

4. Helps to Remove Plagues and Blood Clots

Serrapeptase can break the fibrin, which is accountable for clotting and forming the plagues in the circulation. So it helps to remove the diseased organic matter and blood clots. Nattokinase keeps the cardiovascular system clean. It dissolves the excess amount of fibrin in the blood and reduces the risk of severe clotting. Nattokinase reduces the amount of LDL (low-density lipids) cholesterol and enhances the amount of HDL (high-density fat) cholesterol. Nattokinase helps lower the blood pressure, maintains the viscosity of the blood, and also improves the blood flow circulation in the body.

5. Known to Curb and Reduce Pain

Studies show that these enzymes have an impact on pain-causing amines. One of them is bradykinin. These enzymes block the pain pathway and cause hindrance in the release of bradykinin. In such a manner, they help in reducing the pain, whether muscle pain or joint pain.

6. Serrapeptase and Nattokinase can Kill Cancer Cells

An essential role played by Serrapeptase and Nattokinase is the dissolution of the outer layer of cancer cells, which is known to be the protective layer. The action of these enzymes allows the body to take over the control by enabling the immune system and helping the cancer-fighting cells to activate.

Side Effects of Serrapeptase and Nattokinase

There are some issues related to their use as well. So we must be aware of the risks associated with their use. The evidence shows that it interferes with the process of blood clotting, which can lead to bleeding disorders. After the surgery, one should stop the dose of these enzymes since these interfere with the blood clotting abilities of the body. Due to this, the loss of blood can be experienced, which can prove fatal as well. The continuous use of Serrapeptase can cause severe damage to your skin like erythema. Serrapeptase taken orally can cause stomach issues like anorexia and nausea. Nattokinase is a blood thinner, so this enzyme should not deliver in person with low blood pressure, and its mode of action is to lower the blood pressure. Nattokinase and Serrapeptase should not be taken in pregnancy and breastfeeding as their administration can cause damage to the fetus. The thrombolytic activity increases and hence can prevent the wound from healing.

Take Away

Serrapeptase is a miracle enzyme that’s been used in Asia and Europe for decades for pain and inflammation. It’s widely used for scar tissue removal as well. Similarly, Nattokinase has also been proved very beneficial in cardiovascular diseases, scar tissue removal, and overall health. Both of the enzymes can prevent the risk of infections, blood clots, and aid certain chronic respiratory diseases. While promising, more research is being conducted to confirm the efficacy and long-term safety of these enzymes.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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