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Top 4 Signs Of Menopause That’ll Make You Reach For A Menopausal Symptom Relief Cream

When women reach their forties or fifties, they often dread the thought of menopause, a stage wherein their menstrual period ends. You might wonder, why do they find it so troubling?

In actuality, it is not menopause, but the symptoms it brings that impact women undesirably. Some females experience mild symptoms, while others feel them more severely.

Happily, women, these days do not need to worry. Organic creams granting menopausal symptom relief are rampant and made conveniently available in the market.

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Wish I had access to one myself when my own mother was in menopause.

1. Irregular Periods

This is the most obvious sign of perimenopause, the phase prior to the menopausal stage.

My mother began having irregular periods in her late forties. Her missed periods went on for about three years until her menstrual flow slowed down, producing small amounts of diluted blood and completely gone.

This symptom never bothered her, but only made her realize that she had entered the scary menopause phase.

2. Dry Skin and Thinning Hair

This menopausal sign surely alarmed my mom. I have memories of hearing her complaining of falling hair, and I noticed that she lost much hair volume post-menopause. Every time I looked at her skin, it always saddened me how menopause accelerated her aging.

3. Hot Flashes

I had witnessed how much my mother suffered from this symptom. Hot flashes attacked her day and night. She had troubles sleeping because of the unexplainable heat. She would keep asking me if I also felt warm, but I didn’t at all. This repeated question puzzled me. Little did I understand what she was really going through.

4. Mood Changes

This manifestation affects most menopausal women because of crazily fluctuating hormones. My mom was not exempt. Her mood swings greatly affected our relationship.

She became extremely sensitive and emotional to the most trivial matters. We had many harmless conversations that suddenly ended in arguments because of her irritable mood.

Her attitude throughout this difficult time baffled me. I could not pinpoint the reason for her sudden outbursts. I tried to understand her and be extra careful with my words.

The Culprit Behind Menopausal Symptoms

Those troublesome symptoms I had observed in my mother first-hand are not a comprehensive list. Other women may experience night sweats, chills, migraines, and more. And those menopausal discomforts may be largely attributed to the declining levels of estrogen, a female sex hormone vital in regulating the menstrual cycle.

But you don’t have to struggle through menopause the way my mother and I did. You can find menopausal symptom relief in natural hormone transdermals such as Phytoestrogen Cream of Whole Family Products.

Phytoestrogen Cream is a natural phytoestrogen cream rich in phytoestrogenic herbs that mimic estrogen function in the body. It helps improve the level of estrogen, thus providing the best menopausal symptom relief the natural way. Grab a jar of this natural phytoestrogen cream today and discover why women keep coming back to get our amazing menopausal relief cream!

Have you or any women in your life experienced menopausal symptoms? How did you relieve them naturally? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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