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Digital Basal Thermometer: Top 4 Tips on How to Properly Detect Ovulation

Brenda Albano

May 19, 2019

Digital Basal Thermometer Top 4 Tips on How to Properly Detect Ovulation

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) is your body’s temperature at rest. Coming from its root word, base, it is the lowest natural temperature of your body.

You may not notice it but when you are sleeping or when your body is fully relaxed, your body temperature drops at its lowest. To monitor your BBT using Digital Basal Thermometer, you must learn how to record your data well. Check below our tips.

1. Establish a Routine

To ensure accuracy of your BBT data, you need to establish a routine or habit on taking your temperature. Set a specific time on when you are able to take your BBT data and make sure that you follow it every day.

2. Record Your Data Right Away

It may not be easy at first but you have to record your temperature right after taking it. Getting your BBT before rising in the morning is the most recommended because your body is usually relaxed as you wake up.

However, the challenge in some people is the charting task. It’s easy to take your digital basal thermometer and place it in your underarm but to take a pen and record it is another thing. Well, no matter how daunting this task is, you have to stick to it to secure reliable, accurate data.

3. Only Take BBT When You are Fully Relaxed or Rested

Your BBT is influenced by activities. This explains why your BBT fluctuates throughout the day. So taking your BBT during a time when you know your body has been fully rested or relaxed is suggested. Ideally, you should have rested or slept for at least three hours before taking your BBT.

4. Use an Alarm Clock and keep your Thermometer and Record Book at the Bedside

Set your alarm clock at the same time every day for you to be reminded to take your BBT. Also, do not forget to keep your digital basal thermometer and record book at the bedside so you can easily access or get them when needed.

Why Do You Need To Record Your BBT?Digital Basal Thermemoter

Women often use the BBT technique to detect their ovulation as research suggests that females experience a slight increase in basal body temperature when they are ovulating. But this small change is quite impossible to measure using regular digital thermometers. To ensure the accuracy of charting, a reliable, large-scale Basal Digital thermometer is recommended.

Digital Basal Thermometer of Whole Family Products the safe source of natural health supplements is an easy-to-read device that registers even the slightest changes in your basal body temperature. Most digital thermometers cannot interpret small fluctuations in temperature. But with ours, you get accurate results within 1/10th of a degree.

What can you say about the BBT technique? Do you believe in its potential in detecting ovulation?

If yes, then you need an accurate, best digital basal body thermometer to track your BBT. Well, you know where to get it.

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