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Swedish Flower Pollen Benefits: How It Connects To Prostate Health

Brenda Albano

June 22, 2020

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If you are into health supplements, you must have heard about the Swedish Flower Pollen supplement. Everyone is admiring this miraculous supplement which has been shown to help both men and women with some of their most sensitive issues. Swedish Flower Pollen benefits are numerous and scientifically backed by studies conducted over the years. But if you are a newbie to the world of supplements and wondering What is Swedish Flower Pollen used for? Or Is Swedish Flower Pollen good for you?

Look no further since you have reached the right place. Let us tell you about the super product that is the Swedish Flower Pollen.

What is Swedish Flower Pollen?

Swedish Flower Pollen is so named because it was first discovered in Sweden. Flower pollen extract comes from the pollen of the flowers. Pollen is the male reproductive part of any flower.

An important thing to remember is that Swedish Flower Pollen is not bee pollen, which is also a commonly used supplement. Flower pollen extract comes directly from the flower, so it is a clean substance and without any impurities such as bee parts or dirt.


The Swedish Flower Pollen extract contains a rich amount of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are very beneficial to your health. Vitamins and minerals are essential for your health and normal functioning of your body, and the antioxidants can help the body from lasting damage from free radicals, which often results in chronic diseases, and even cancers.

What’s more amazing is that Swedish Flower Pollen is easy to digest and can be absorbed by the body very well. It is also much less likely to trigger allergies during the extraction process, the pollen is cleared of most of the allergens.
Want to know more about what flower pollen is good for? Or what is Swedish Flower Pollen used for? Read on.

Flower Pollen Extract Benefits

There are various flower pollen extract benefits for human health. The most important is perhaps how flower pollen helps the men maintain their prostate health. For women, it can also help relieve symptoms associated with PMS.

Flower pollen extract for the prostate is a godsend. The benefits of flower pollen extract for the prostate are diverse. Let us get into the details of how does pollen extract helps the prostate?

Swedish Flower Pollen and Enlarged Prostate

The foremost problem that can be helped with the use of this supplement is the enlarged prostate. Enlarged prostate becomes an issue as men age and is associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. The enlarged prostate can cause serious health issues such as block urine flow, urinary tract problems, and kidney issues.

To see how effective pollen extract is for enlarged prostate, here are some studies that prove its effectiveness.

The two main studies that help us establish Swedish Flower Pollen benefits for men with an enlarged prostate are both double-blinded and placebo-controlled. These studies were conducted for 12 to 24 weeks and included 163 male subjects. One study reported improvement in urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.

Both studies also showed improved peak urine flow and nocturia (peeing in the night). Men reported improvement in their nocturia two times more than in the placebo group. This suggests that flower pollen has a benefit to men when prescribed for enlarged prostate.

Swedish Flower Pollen and Prostatitis

Swedish Flower pollen also helps in improving the symptoms of prostatitis. It is the inflammation of the prostate and can cause difficulty in urination and serious chronic pain.

Studies were done in two groups to establish its use in men with prostatitis, the smaller study with 60 subjects was conducted for six months. Men who received the Swedish Flower Pollen reported lower levels of pain, less urinary voiding and urinary storage symptoms, compared to the men who received a placebo.

In the second study, the 139 men were given either a placebo or pollen extract for 12 weeks. The study showed improvement in men given the pollen extract when it came to improved quality of life and level of pain.

Swedish Flower Pollen For PMS

The use of Swedish Flower Pollen for women suffering from PMS is common and has been used as an herbal remedy for ages. 30 percent of all women suffering from PMS issues have reported using such herbal remedies to get aid in getting rid of the symptoms.

PMS symptoms can include bloating, tender stomach, pain, breast tenderness, mood swings, and changes in appetite and sex drive. Swedish Flower can help alleviate many of these symptoms. In studies, women who use Swedish Flower Pollen reported improvement in PMS symptoms like less irritability, better sleep, positive mood, lesser water retention, and cramping.

In one study, 32 women between the age of 27 and 50, were given the flower pollen extract. After using it for two months, subjects reported a 27 to 57 percent reduction in PMS symptoms. Women also reported PMS related weight gain reduction in 50 percent of the cases. The study also reported that there were no serious side effects associated with the use of Swedish Flower Pollen in women.

Swedish Flower Pollen benefits in many other ways as well. It helps alleviate the symptoms of menopause that affect all women in later age like hot flashes, chills, night sweats, weight gain, sleep problems, and mood changes.

In one study, women undergoing menopause were studied after being given the flower pollen extract for 84 days. There were 417 women in the study with an average age of 54.4 years. Women reported significant improvement in sleep quality and length, hot flashes, and excessive sweating. Nearly 65 percent of the subjects reported improvement in hot flashes experienced by menopausal women.

In another study, 54 women who were given flower pollen or a placebo, reported that 65 percent of the women had alleviation of hot flashes when given the flower pollen compared to the placebo. Quality of life that measured 15 different symptoms of menopause, improved for women who received the flower pollen compared to those on placebo.

If you experience any of these PMS or menopausal issues, Swedish flower pollen extract is for you. It is easily available in many natural health supplements online.

Flower Pollen Extract Side Effects

There are no serious flower pollen extract side effects, reported in studies conducted on the subject. No risk is associated with the flower pollen extract, making it completely safe to use. You can reap the benefits of this wonderful supplement without worrying much about the side effects.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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