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ZRT Saliva Home Hormone Test Kits


ZRT Saliva Hormone Home Test Kit is an easy and convenient saliva testing method of measuring hormone levels within the confines of the home. It’s for people who are in need of a non-invasive and accurate hormone test result without the hassle of traveling to the doctor’s clinic or hospitals.

ZRT Saliva Hormone Home Test Kit – Saliva Hormone Testing At Home

Hormonal imbalance is prevalent especially in women who are approaching the menopausal stage. Because of this, measuring hormone levels accurately and knowing which remedies may work to counter symptoms that negatively affect your daily activities and quality of life is very important.

But life gets so busy as we age, making it difficult to squeeze a medical appointment for hormone testing into a schedule. Thanks to ZRT Saliva Hormone Home Test Kit, hormone testing is now made easy!

Today, there’s no need to go through the troubles of getting a doctor’s appointment and driving yourself to hospitals just to have your hormone levels checked. ZRT Saliva Hormone Home Test Kit offers a quick and simple solution to measuring hormone levels within the confines of your own home through saliva testing!

Why Choose ZRT Saliva Hormone Test Kit

ZRT Saliva Hormone Test Kit is a one-step saliva testing kit that provides accurate hormone test results. The procedure is non-invasive, which only requires users to spit into a plastic tube, send the sample back to the lab, and wait for at least a week for the result.

ZRT is the first lab to establish a method in measuring hormones through saliva testing. The saliva test kit is available for use by anybody who needs to test their hormones, including those who are taking hormone supplements. This is because ZRT has a set range of results according to the user’s age, menstrual status, and hormone supplementation types. Therefore, you don’t need to stop taking your supplements before taking the test.

Additionally, ZRT has a dedicated lab that performs a unique extraction of hormones from background contamination. This assures the accuracy of hormone level measurement, especially for low-concentration hormones (e.g. estradiol).

And unlike other hormone saliva testing kits, ZRT Saliva Hormone Test Kit doesn’t pool samples to get the average hormone measurement. It’s a one-step method that needs a single saliva sample taken in the morning – during which daily hormone production is at its peak.

Why Use Saliva Hormone Testing?

Human saliva is a reliable source of bioavailable, unbound hormones that are able to act on target tissues. Apparently, hormones in the bloodstream are bound to carrier proteins in about 95 to 99 percent. Therefore, saliva hormone testing can present a more accurate level of free hormones circulating within the body than blood hormone testing.

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