Uric Acid Complex

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Uric Acid Complex is made from an all-natural ingredients to protect and cleanse your kidneys from uric acid. Beat uric acid buildup naturally!

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Natural Remedy For Gout or Uric Acid Buildup

Help your body control uric acid buildup with Uric Acid Complex, a natural uric acid supplement that works well in supporting urinary tract, kidney, and gall bladder health.

Uric acid is a naturally-occurring compound in the body that is a byproduct of the metabolic breakdown of human cells. It passes through the liver and circulates in the bloodstream before it is excreted through urine.

When the urinary tract, kidney, and gall bladder function properly, uric acid is easily flushed out by the body. However, drinking too much alcohol, eating too many purines and certain conditions that affect organ processes may lead to a slow down in uric acid removal. When this happens, uric acid buildup may occur.

Why You Need Uric Acid Complex

An increase in uric acid also called hyperuricemia, may lead to several ailments such as gout, arthritis, and kidney problems. To counter the effects of uric acid buildup, you need a uric acid supplement that can stimulate uric acid excretion.

Uric Acid Complex is a natural remedy for gout and uric acid buildup that assists in lowering uric acid level in the bloodstream. It contains natural ingredients such as citric acid, green coffee bean extract, pomegranate, turmeric, cranberry and milk thistle – all of which have been known to have positive effects in the management of hyperuricemia.

Uric Acid Complex Benefits

Uric Acid Complex is for people who would like to beat the buildup of uric acid naturally. It may help with:

  • supporting the kidney and gallbladder in cleansing and detoxifying the body of excess uric acid
  • curbing inflammation
  • reducing the formation of uric acid
  • promoting better urinary tract health

As people start moving towards a more natural approach for ailments and diseases, attention to natural products as alternative methods in managing hyperuricemia is also starting to grow. This is the reason why we created Uric Acid Complex – to help defend your body from the painful and bothersome symptoms of gout and uric acid buildup!

Grab yourself a bottle of Uric Acid Complex today. And don’t forget to buy only from Whole Family Products, your trusted store of natural products online!

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Uric Acid Complex Label

Herbal medicine has been commonly used over the years to promote overall well being, better health and a future with fewer issues, as well as for enhancing the span and quality of life. The role of herbs and plant in helping with uric acid buildup is widely-documented, and some herbal plants even have anti-gout potential that remains untapped.

As a matter of fact, traditional plant treatments have been used throughout the world, even going way back to the ancient times, when it was all they had for treating diseases. And what makes natural products even better is that they often have minimum side effects compared to their pharmaceutical counterparts. This is the biggest reason most people love using these natural health products.

According to studies, these are some most commonly used ingredients and natural products which may help lower uric acid levels

Citric Acid – this is the weak organic acid that naturally occurs in citrus fruits. It has been known to kill bacteria, mold and mildew and it is also sometimes used for general disinfecting and cleaning. According to a study by Saito et al. (2010), citric acid can be considered as a supportive agent for the treatment of hyperuricemia.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – this is one of the most popular coffee extracts today. It is an extract from unroasted green coffee beans and it has been utilized in many uses such as weight loss products. However, one of its most important effects is that it can help in lowering uric acid levels. In a study made by Kiyohara et al. (1999), the inverse association between coffee drinking and lowering uric acid concentrations in middle-aged males was shown to be possible.

Milk Thistle this flowering herb is native to many Mediterranean countries and it also known by its common name “Mary thistle” or “holy thistle”. It contains silymarin, an anti-inflammatory, natural antioxidant ingredient. In his study, Surai (2015) explored the positive effects of silymarin and milk thistle in the inhibition of uric acid buildup and formation.

Cranberry these are low, creeping shrubs that produce sweet-to-sour red berries that many people have come to love. Its fruits are edible, and its effect on urinary stone and uric acid levels has been well-documented. In fact, Gettman et al. (2005) have mentioned on their research that uric acid level decrease can be seen among people who drink cranberry juice constantly.

Pomegranate these are fruit-bearing shrubs that have been cultivated since the ancient times throughout the Mediterranean region. Its fruits are used in a lot of things such as baking, juice blends, cooking, garnishes and even alcoholic beverage. But more importantly, there are also studies that have shown the impact of pomegranate fruit juice in lowering uric acid levels.

Turmeric these are flowering plants of the ginger family, which has been used in many applications such as cooking and cleansing. The bright yellow aromatic powder obtained from the turmeric plant has been used for flavoring and coloring in Asian cooking since the ancient times. And according to the research conducted by Hao et al. (2016), turmeric is also one of the known natural products that has shown positive effects in improving hyperuricemia.

As people start to move towards a more natural approach in treating ailments and diseases, attention towards natural products as alternative methods in treating hyperuricemia is also starting to grow. This is the reason why we created Uric Acid Complex – to beat uric acid buildup naturally!

Uric acid complex contains natural ingredients such as citric acid, green coffee bean extract, pomegranate, turmeric, cranberry and milk thistle which have been known to have positive effects when it comes to lowering uric acid levels.

If you are looking for an all-natural product containing the ingredients from these studies, that may be able to help you in guarding and cleansing your kidneys and gallbladders from uric acid buildup, why not take a look at Uric Acid Complex and see for yourself what it can do?

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  1. Alan (verified owner)

    This product really works! I haven’t had any gout attacks since taking this, which also means that I haven’t had to take any of the traditional medications with their unpleasant side effects. If you have any issues with gout, you should definitely try this!

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