CBD Ultra Pain Relief Cold Processed


CBD Ultra Pain Relief cream cold-processed transdermals are never heated to a high temperature providing better bio-availability than its competition. It alleviates the pain from arthritis, joint concerns, neuro and fibro tissue disorders and much more. Available in 1 oz bottle or 1.3oz jar.

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Introducing CBD Ultra Pain Relief Cold Processed

Topical CBD is natural, no-THC CBD cream with 200mg CBD isolate per oz.  The list of benefits is a mile long!  Transdermal products are absorbed through the skin to provide pain relief from arthritis, joint concerns, neuro and fibro tissue disorders and much more.

Benefits of CBD Oils

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the approximately 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis and has been the subject of much research due to its many and varied medical applications. But not only its therapeutic attributes have generated such widespread interest in the CBD in recent years. The compound is not psychoactive (that is, it does not produce the “high” effect associated with cannabis), which makes it a safe and effective option for patients who may be affected by the psychotropic effects of other cannabinoids such as THC.

CBD-based oils are called CBD oils. However, the exact concentrations and the relationship between CBD and THC may vary depending on the product and the manufacturer. However, it has been shown that CBD-based oils offer a range of health benefits that can improve the quality of life of patients worldwide.

There is not a lot that bloggers/retailers are permitted to claim so the wonders of CBD might not be able to fully proclaimed here.  BUT, one thing everyone will agree upon is how wonderful a product CBD can be for pain.  One of the most famous health benefits of CBD oil is its analgesic effect (pain relief). It is thought that CBD interacts with the receptors of the immune system and the brain to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Some studies, such as the one published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, showed that CBD significantly reduced inflammation in mice and rats, but not only rodents experience these effects. A 2008 study found that CBD provides effective pain relief without causing adverse side effects in patients.  As one with chronic pain from compressed cervical discs and adrenal exhaustion, I am a huge proponent of the wonders of CBD for pain.

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1 oz pump glass bottle, 1.3oz jar

CBD Cold Processed 1.3oz Jar

CBD Ultra Pain Relief 1.3oz Label

CBD Cold Processed 1oz Bottle Glass

CBD Ultra Pain Relief Cold Processed 1oz Bottle Glass


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