Beta Cream


Beta Cream is a wondeful way to boost the immune system and promote wound healing in a transdermal cream.

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Introducing Beta cream, a new and exciting Immune Boosting product coming soon….

The benefits of our Beta Cream starts with the wonderful gift of Beta-glucans and how they help the immune system. Beta-glucans are referred to as biological response modifiers because of their ability to activate the immune system. Though Beta-glucans are agents that stimulate the immune system they are different from others. Immune system stimulators can push the system to over-stimulation, and are contraindicated in persons with autoimmune diseases, allergies or yeast infections. But not so with Beta-glucans which appear to make the immune system work better but without becoming over active.

BCs accomplish this by activating phagocytes; immune cells whose function is to trap and destroy foreign substances in our bodies such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Other than just enhancing the activity of phagocytes, beta-glucans are reported to:

  • help lower elevated levels of LDL cholesterol
  • aid in wound healing
  • prevent infections
  • enhance NK cell function.

Beta-Glucans are a naturally derived polysaccharide which have been intensively studied since the 1950s for their anti-tumor and immune system activities.

Beta Cream is a simple, yet highly effective way to boost your immune system without taking pills or liquids.  Simply rub cream into areas of the body that have thin skin, close to capillary flow.  Every 1/4 tsp of Beta Cream provides about 24 mg of Beta-glucans.

Our Bio-Beta Cream uses ZYMUCANTM a highly purified Beta-glucan cultured extracted from 5 mushroom species.  These species include: Agaricus, Blazei, Reishi, Schizophyllum, Trametes, Shitake
The extraction process is by a proprietary method of fermentation, ultrasound & nanotechnology.


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