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Serrapeptase Enzymes For Protein Digestion: What’s Its Role?

Serrapeptase enzymes will not sound like your ideal supplement once you find out they were sourced from silkworms.

Don’t freak out. They’re there for a reason.

These unique serrapeptase enzymes, produced by bacteria in silkworms’ gut, helps these insects digest their cocoons made of strong protein. Because of this property, serrapeptase is being studied as an aid to protein digestion in humans.

Protein Digestion

The importance of protein in our body’s well-being cannot be understated. We need to take in essential amino acids for growth and regeneration of our tissues, development of new cells including antibodies, creation of hormones, regulation of chemical reactions, and more.

Yet, it is not enough to simply incorporate protein sources into our diet. Proteins we consume everyday have to be properly digested for us to gain maximum benefit from them.

Here’s the catch.

In contrast to carbohydrates and fats, proteins are the toughest to digest. In fact, it normally takes our gastric juices a little over three hours to completely break them down as amino acids and get them absorbed into our system for use. The whole process itself bears on our bodies, using up 30% of our available caloric energy. Hard work, indeed!

If one’s ability to digest protein becomes impaired due to protein intolerance or insufficient gastric acid, there can be serious health consequences. For one, protein deficiency will definitely result in muscle weakness and loss of lean muscle. Due to the lack of critical nutrients, liver diseases, fatigue, anemia, and immune system disorders can also happen.

Undigested or partially digested food and other unconverted substances like cholesterol are poisonous waste materials that can build up as plaque in arteries or abnormal tissue growth in different parts of the body, all of which can possibly bring in certain cancers, cardiovascular ailments, and much pain and inflammation.

These dire effects of protein indigestion can leave some of us feeling hopeless. But there’s a supplement that shows promise.

Serrapeptase and Its Role In Protein Digestion

Serrapeptase enzymes, otherwise known technically as Serratiopeptidase, belong to a class of enzymes described as “proteolytic” or protein-digesting. This special enzyme, first isolated from silkworms, has now been made bioavailable for human consumption in tablet or capsule form.

When taken as a supplement, serrapeptase steps up the action of existing proteolytic enzymes like pepsin and trypsin in our gastrointestinal tract, allowing for optimal digestion, metabolism, and absorption of protein.

What’s more, compared to its proteolytic counterparts in other organisms, serrapeptase was discovered to be so potent in protein digestion that it can break down even blood clots, cysts, dead or scar tissue, and plaque. Hence, in contrast to other enzymes, serrapeptase is shown by clinical data to be very effective in reducing swelling and inflammation.

SerraZyme Ultra Best Serrapeptase Supplement

Supplements for Inflammation: Serrazyme Ultra

If you’re wondering where to get your dose of this wonderful enzyme, we at Whole Family Products have developed a natural formulation just for you.

Serrazyme Ultra is an herbal complex combined with serrapeptase enzymes as its main ingredient. Its rich serrapeptase content in combination with antioxidant herbs, helps relieve your pain and inflammation by breaking down residual waste like plaque and dead tissue while providing a soothing, systemic enzyme therapy. (If you wish to take only the enzyme in its pure form, we also have another variant, SerraZymes – the serrapeptase enzyme.)

Having learned about serrapeptase and its powerful digestive action, what are your thoughts about taking an enzyme as a supplement? We would love to hear from you in the comments section.

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