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The Science of Amino Acids

January 16, 2019

The Science of Amino Acids

Below for some nerds like me, is The Science of Amino Acids but if you really want to know why amino acids are so wonderful, follow the category (Amino Acids) and read how amino acids help with weight loss, hair regrowth, fertility booster and so much more.

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Amino acids are organic acids that contain amine as well as carboxyl functional groups with side chain specific to all amino groups. They are linked by peptide bonds which form elongated string-like beads. Amino groups attached to the alpha-carbon are known as alpha amino acids, while the others are the L and D amino acids.

The alpha carbon is attached to about four groups, making it a chiral center. So amino acid molecules are optically active, with the only exception being glycine. The L and D amino acids are a mirror image of the other and are therefore said to be non-superimposable, meaning that there is no overlapping of the mirror image of the object over the real object if it is placed over the original object. L and D amino acids are referred to as enantiomers due to these characteristics.

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