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Raynaud’s Disease: Know the Symptoms and Discover How To Manage

Brenda Albano

March 18, 2024

Raynaud's Disease Know the Symptoms and Discover How To Manage Them

Know What are the Symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease and How to Manage It

Raynaud’s disease is an autoimmune disease that can cause temporary damage to human extremities such as fingers and toes. It is normally not life-threatening but it can lead to some serious health complications. Moreover, some other body parts like lips, ears, and nose can also be damaged as blood supply in these parts is reduced which causes discomfort and pain. Symptoms of Raynaud’s disease include discoloration of fingers, ears, or nose and the affected area becomes cold.

Raynaud’s disease mostly occurs when a person experiences a stressful condition or is in a cold environment. Permanent damage to a body part is less likely but it can be a symptom of serious underlying illness. It is a rare disorder that mostly affects women under the age of 30.

Raynaud’s Disease Definition

Raynaud’s phenomenon is characterized by a convulsion of the arteries in the extremities, especially the fingers and toes.. It is typically brought on by constant vibration or cold and leads to pain, numbness, and in some cases to gangrene.

Raynaud's Disease Home Remedies

It occurs mostly in the winter season when the temperature of the environment is very low. The blood vessels in your fingers and toes contract due to low temperature and oxygen supply is disrupted in the affected tissues. As a result, you may experience numbness and discoloration of the affected part.

Here are the Symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease

The most common symptom of Raynaud’s disease is discoloration of body parts. Due to low blood circulation, these body parts become pure white and often you feel pain. Other symptoms of Raynaud’s disease include swelling, numbness, and tingling sensations.

Due to a lack of blood circulation, healing becomes more difficult. Cuts or bruises on these body parts can aggravate the condition. Swollen lips, ears, and nose are also common symptoms of Raynaud’s disease. Studies suggest that there is a minor difference in symptoms when someone has a primary or secondary type of Raynaud’s disease. People having primary Raynaud’s disorder experience a sudden drop in body temperature and bearable pain in the affected area. But those who have secondary Raynaud’s syndrome may experience a brief period of severe pain, swelling, and tingling.

In primary Raynaud’s, temperature and pain in the hands and feet start and end at the same time. Whereas, for the secondary type, the starting and ending times may be different.

Permanent deformity of the affected parts may occur if there is a loss of blood supply for a long period. Most chronic symptoms of Raynaud’s disease include skin ulcers and gangrenous tissue.

Studies suggest that Raynaud’s disease is mostly idiopathic. Health experts are still trying to find the exact cause, but the possible answer would be that some blood disorders may cause Raynaud’s by increasing the thickness of blood.

Can You Die from Raynaud’s Disease?

Studies suggest that Raynaud’s disease cannot be the primary cause of death. It mostly affects the extremities and vital organs are not much affected by this disorder. As a result, the number of people who die as a result of this disease is extremely low. However, sometimes due to complete loss of blood flow ulcers or gangrene can occur. This is a rare condition and in extreme conditions, it may result in amputation of the affected area.

Natural Remedies for Raynaud’s Disease

There are various remedies to correct Raynaud’s condition. Suggested medications might help to widen the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow and thus helping to manage the disease symptoms. Sometimes, surgery is recommended by doctors in the case of severe Raynaud’s symptoms.

Surgeries and modern treatments are often quite expensive and sometimes come with possible side effects, so people are more attracted to natural remedies to handle this disorder. Several natural remedies may help to avoid or improve the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease.

Lifestyle changes and natural supplements which increase blood flow and dilate blood vessels may help in managing Raynaud’s symptoms. Studies suggest that fish oil supplements could help improve your cold tolerance. Improving cold tolerance may help to manage Raynaud’s symptoms.

Another natural remedy for Raynaud’s is Ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo or maidenhair is a tree native to China. Studies suggest that Ginkgo extract may help to reduce the markers of inflammation and increase blood flow.

L-arginine or arginine is an amino acid involved in several functions within the human body, including protein-building and the release of the neurotransmitter nitric oxide (NO) that plays a key role in improving blood circulation.

Learn more about the 6 wonderful effects of l-arginine into our body.

As l-arginine releases NO, the blood vessels relax, which therefore helps in improving blood flow to the arteries of the heart. Evidence has been gathered about l-arginine’s potential to help with erectile functions, improving symptoms of clogged arteries, and taming down pain caused by angina because of its benefits in the blood vessels and heart health.

Moreover, changing diet with certain additions such as ginger, cayenne peppers and chilies, may help to normalize Raynaud’s condition

Acupuncture is also one of the most recommended therapies to improve blood circulation. In addition to these, biofeedback therapy i.e., training your mind to control your body temperature may also help to reduce the severity and frequency of Raynaud’s attacks.

You can try to avoid extreme temperatures by keeping your body temperature in the normal range by wearing warm clothes in cold weather. Daily exercise is always beneficial for a healthy life. Yoga, Pilates, walking, cycling, and swimming are very helpful for the management of Raynaud’s symptoms.

Arginine Circulation Cream for Raynaud’s Disease

A very useful product to help with Reynaud’s disease is the Arginine circulation cream. The cream, formulated by Whole Family Products, is made to provide support in the management of poor blood flow to the heart and other parts of the body by way of nitric oxide’s influence. Its blood circulation-enhancing potential is attributed to its l-arginine ingredient plus l-citrulline, another type of amino acid responsible for the production of l-arginine and NO in the body.

Arginine Circulation Cream Benefits WFP Infographics

What makes Arginine Circulation Cream more unique is the cooling sensation it induces upon application, thanks to the cream’s menthol crystals that trigger its minty, soothing, and relaxing effect.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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