Pure Hemp Snacks: Get your Body Fueled with Nutrients

Pure Hemp Snacks Get Your Body Fueled with Nutrients


Hemp snacks are not just another standard snack. They have reached another level as they are packed with nutrients to help your body get fueled and running at its best. Not only are they equal to a healthy diet, but their tasty flavor makes them irresistible too.

You may have known of hemp, but if you are one of those people who are a little uncertain about how it’s anything to incorporate into your routine life, we’re here to answer your doubts. In simplified terms, hemp is a non-drug type of cannabis Sativa plant; it is an oilseed and not a kind of grass. Pure hemp is a resilient, naturally occurring plant that grows rapidly in a number of soil conditions and without the aid of pesticides, it is immune to insects and weeds. This renders it an eco-friendly tree, the production of which also leads to food, fabric, paper and skincare items.

Hemp seeds are beneficial for the human body. Hemp food benefits are obtained when they are mixed with many other ingredients to turn them into delicious dishes, which can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, snack time or any meal that can be prepared with them. Shelled hemp seeds may be thoroughly cooked, eaten fresh, roasted to hemp meal, sprouted or converted into dry powder. or hemp flakes. Hemp seeds can also be turned into a liquid and then they are used for baking. Because hemp seed oil is cold-pressed and high in unsaturated fatty acids, they are also famously used for preparing drinks such as hemp milk and tisanes.

Nutritional Hemp Benefits

The uses of hemp cannot be counted. If we talk about only “hemp,” it is used for the manufacturing of a wide range of industrial and commercial items, such as rope, textiles, garments, shoes, food, paper, bioplastics, fertilizer, and biofuel. But, when we talk about food, we refer to “hemp seeds,” and sometimes “hemp leaves” and also “hemp hearts.” While not as nutritious as the seeds, the hemp plant’s leaves are healthy and can be eaten raw in salads as green vegetables, and squeezed to make juice for a well-maintained bodily system.

All conveniently made hemp food snacks, even if it is hemp snack bars, hemp heart snacks, hemp heart flakes or hemp seeds snacks, offer a strong and powerful boost of nutrition, as shown in the study (1). Here are some nutritional hemp benefits about how pure hemp snacks, which are mainly made of hemp seeds, can be a rich source of health in everyday life.


Hemp kernel and hemp protein powder are excellent sources of protein from the whole food plants. Around the globe, hemp is on top of the list of “full” protein in those foods which are made of plants, such as quinoa, because it includes essential amino acids required for stabilizing the body and muscles.


Along with proteins, hemp seeds also provide the fat–or necessary fatty acids that the human body needs to consume because it is unable to make them alone. Besides, rather than becoming a cholesterol outlet, hemp seeds have the perfect amount of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats, which have been studied, extensively for their effects on heart diseases, dementia, and depression.

Hemp isn’t a fat of low consistency, like trans-fats (which have now been prohibited), instead, to be at its strongest, it fulfills the body’s requirement of a certain level of omega-fatty acids. In addition, it is another blessing for overweight people who wish to lose some pounds. Hemp seeds are full of iron, magnesium and zinc, each of which helps in keeping the heart-healthy and strong, as mentioned by Hord NG (2).


Hemp comprises all fiber types, i.e. soluble and insoluble. It makes them ideal for the digestive system, cardiac health and immune mechanism. Most starchy foods contain carbohydrates but not hemp.

The reason behind this is that many people don’t know the number of benefits that one serving of hemp seeds can give to their bodies. Notably, one portion of hemp seeds offers 11 grams of raw organic protein and 12 grams of fiber, extremely profitable when it comes to a healthy diet.

Other Hemp Benefits

The list of healthy gains of hemp seeds is really long. According to Mihoc M (3), hemp seeds are filled with zinc, iron, magnesium, and some phosphorus and calcium. They’re also great for women who are pregnant because hemp incorporates folate. They are very valuable for people of all ages and have a moderate, nutty taste. Feeding hemp seed oil to individuals with eczema can strengthen essential fatty acid in blood glucose levels. Besides, they will also help to alleviate dry skin, eliminate itchiness for a declining need for skin ointments.

The hemp does not produce gluten in its natural form, which is again a healthy profit. In addition, it works well into a range of dietary treatments, namely vegetarian, paleo, vegan, allergens-friendly, easy whole grains and high-protein or low-calorie diet.

Hemp Snacks

If you haven’t already started trying hemp seeds, IT’S TIME! Hemp seeds are one of the world’s healthiest and perhaps most nutritionally-dense food products and are obviously pretty flavorsome. Research (4) has shown that extended usage of it provides remarkable hemp benefits for the heart and body tissues.

When you want to explore different ingredients and keep changing your snacks range, you’ll be thrilled to see the healthy recipes of pure hemp snacks. Here are a few of the best hemp food recipes which you may find not only tasty but also easy to prepare and add to your lifestyle.

Hemp Seeds Smoothie

Let us begin with something that is easiest, and what can be more comfortable than a delicious smoothie that can be prepared just in minutes. Hemp seeds play the role of nuts in this recipe, making a protein-rich smoothie, which also offers a dose of Omega-3 fatty acids. Hemp seeds, also termed as hemp hearts, have a nutritious quality that helps in losing weight as well as boost immune system. Besides, it is well acknowledged for a healthy breakfast and in case you are worried about your face care, just know this smoothie is what your body needs.

Take one ripe banana, a small ripe pear, an avocado, handful of parsley, kale to your liking, a squeeze of lemon juice, 1 cup almond milk, (2-3 dates optional), and above all, the most crucial ingredient, which is 2-4 TB hemp seeds. Don’t overdo it with the hemp since it has a wonderfully powerful effect on the digestive tract. After you have gathered all the ingredients, your snack smoothie can be made by putting all the fruits and other things in a blender, and here you go with the best power packed smoothie in the world!

Hemp Seeds Granola Bar

This easy-to-made healthy recipe can be prepared by melting 2 TB honey with 1/4 nut or seed butter – cashew is my favorite. Stir them and add to a mixed bowl of 1 cup hemp seed hearts and 1 cup of your own combination: puffed amaranth, pistachios, sunflower seeds, chia, unsweetened coconut flakes and dried cranberries along with a little lemon zest or 1/2 tsp cinnamon, for 2 different flavors bents, and mix well. Make sure it has a little stickiness to hold it together but not so much that it will remain goopy. If it is a little dry add 1 TB melted coconut oil or a little more nut seed. No need to add more honey as you want these to stay low sweet.

Put it in a square, parchment lined, baking dish and refrigerate till it is all set. Cut into bars and enjoy! Keep refrigerated.

Such granola bars are healthy and incredibly addictive. They make an excellent surprise for a loved one to sit back and enjoy at home or a nutritious snack for your diet plan.

Hemp Seed Hummus

Who doesn’t love hummus? They are the best way to cherish when nothing seems simple and tasty. At times when you are just tired of your daily routine and want some healthy but quick snack, you can believe in these pure hemp snacks. Especially, the perfect hemp meal replacement will fulfill all your hunger needs.

You can make this healthy snack by grinding hemp seeds in a coffee grinder. In case you don’t get a coffee grinder, you can use a spice grinder or pestle grinder as well. Use them in place of the tahini you would normally use for hummus. Mix them with lemon juice, chickpeas, water, olive oil, garlic, and salt to taste. Now blend all the ingredients in for about one minute until it gets a smooth texture. You can add tiny amounts of water to make thinner hummus.

For serving, pour the mixture in a plate or bowl, and garnish with olive oil. Lastly, sprinkle with red pepper, paprika, chopped parsley or coriander as you like.

Hump Energy Bites

This one is for those who, even after following a perfect diet of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains throughout the day, can not resist themselves when it comes to something sweet. Some people like to have sweets after lunch and dinner. However, this habit can be bad too, as such treats full of sugar do nothing but to add to the weight, and even the most perfect diet is ruined.

These energy bites are easy to make, but what makes them amazing is their nutritional benefits, as they are not loaded with sugar like most desserts out there. These lemon hemp energy balls will do the trick. 1 cup chopped pitted dates – medjool works best. 1 cup nuts of your choice but almond goes well with lemon. 1/2 cup any nut or see of your choice like unsweetened coconut flakes, shelled pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc. 2 Tbsp chia, flax or poppy seed – or a mixture. Process together add 1/2 tsp vanilla extract and the juice and zest from a medium lemon. Throw in some chocolate chips if you’d like. Form balls and freeze for about 30 minutes. Store them in an air-tight container up to a week for later enjoyment.

Hemp Flakes Salad

Hemp protein flakes are produced from the seed’s core after discarding the indigestible layer. Such organic hemp flakes are the best way to help create a solid and balanced body of 55% proteins through 18 amino acids. These flakes are mainly produced from the hemp hearts by removing half the oil. With a tender taste, 50% protein, 14% fats (mostly omega) can be added to salads, vegetables and mixed in shakes, according to your choice. A study (5) shows that every portion 1/2 cup contains the same protein as 1.75 quarters of natural mother’s milk. I know that sounds a little weird to some to describe that way but it is the perfect food so it is quite amazing that hemp is just as nutritious.

To make a perfect salad, you need nothing but hemp flakes and whatever vegetables you think will add a great taste. Leave the nutrition part to the hemp flakes. Hemp Cores, or shelled hemp seeds, red onion, spinach, some chia seeds, cucumbers, radishes, celery, cabbage, lemon or lime oil, cayenne pepper and garlic, all can be added in your salad. Make it more fun by adding fruit such as figs, berries, oranges or other raw veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower or sprouts. Hemp seeds are great to mix in with yogurt and fruit with tofu and cottage cheese.

When your choice of ingredients are gathered, put them in a large bowl and add seasons as per your taste and enjoy. If they are allowed on your diet, add vinegar and other sauces to increase taste, and if not, you can just rely on salt and pepper too. However, this recipe should be tailored for diabetic people as fruits should be limited.

Bottom Line

Ok, so that perfectly describes how versatile hemp is and believe me, this is just the start. Hopefully, these little recipes have equipped you with creative ways to add hemp seeds to your sweet or savory snacks. They are an excellent choice if you want something that is quick and healthy. Heck, even 2 Tbsp in a little unsweetened almond milk is a great little snack. You can make whatever you want, salad, smoothie, bars, hummus, or any other snack of your choice, and everything will be rich in nutrition. In last, such recipes can also be changed by including other items and your own selection of spices, too. Be confident, and have no fear of being innovative in the kitchen!. Hemp gives way to a plethora of delicious uses but be sure that it ALWAYS brings with it great, power packed, nutrition. Get creative.


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