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Weight Loss Green Coffee


Dr Oz touts green coffee extract as the “Magic weight loss pill for EVERY body type.”

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Green Coffee Weight Loss Supplements – Weightloss Green Coffee

The secret to weight loss green coffee supplements is chlorogenic acid which is in the actual bean. Other types of coffee beans lose chlorogenic through the roasting process. Chlorogenic acid just burns away current fat and has an effect of hindering new fat from forming. The best part is that you don’t even have to add an exercise regimen or follow a diet. The fat just melts away magically.

Dr Oz states that WeightLoss Green Coffee is the “Magic weight loss pill for every body type” (Source: Dr Oz site and show).

No side effects have been reported with this product by our company or from other sources; only great success.

Another product ingredient recommended by Dr Oz (and other experts) is Acai Berry as in our Acai Berry Fat Burner.

Before you get nervous and jittery over the idea of caffeine or adding coffee back into your diet, hold on a minute. Green coffee beans and what you grind at 6 a.m. each day are two different “Joes”.

Green coffee beans are by nature actually red when processed. They are green when they are raw and unprocessed. Chlorogenic acid is the exciting part of this lovely little bit of nature. CGA that is found in green bean extract creates metabolic changes that include weight loss.

The most exciting reaction in the body is that weight loss occurs without changing eating habits or increasing physical activity. Who doesn’t want a diet that does the exercise for you?

Many organic food products contain chlorogenic acid like that found in green coffee bean extract but certain green coffee beans contain up to half their weight in this chemical compound. Known as a polyphenol, CGA is categorized as a polyphenol which helps impede heart disease, some cancers, as well as reduce inflammation in the body. You may recognize it from one of the benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

When the chemical travels through the bloodstream and into body tissues, chlorogenic acid decreases the effects of antioxidants, which cause aging and damage DNA. CGA also inhibits glucose release which may be helpful for diabetics and those trying to maintain proper blood sugar balance.

The liver changes glucagon into glucose and emits the final product into the blood. Chlorogenic acid interferes with the enzyme that converts glucagon into glucose in the liver and therefore blocks this glucose from entering the blood stream. Because of CGA, a similar process keeps glucose absorption from the intestines.

If glucose is not used by the body for energy it will deposit into fat cells; it is like food to the fat cells. By taking Weight Loss Green Coffee you reduce the amount of glucose available to the cells and force your body to burn fat for fuel instead.

A study has been done by researcher Dr. Joseph Vinson in order to determine how CGA affects weight loss. He took sixteen obese, test subjects who volunteered for the three month study (not animals). He gave them 700 or 1050 mg of green coffee bean extract per day and they ate 2,400 calories. They did not change anything like the way they ate or the amount of exercise they did. 2,400 calories per day is not usually considered a diet amount and therefore a reasonable effort was made by the extract to do its work.

BMI, weight, and vital signs were measured daily, as well as before and after the study.

The results were amazing: 60 percent of the volunteers lost 10 percent of their body weight, 30 percent lost 5 percent body weight, and 8 percent lost 4 percent body weight. Astounding! But that is not all. Test patients also experienced a decrease in heart rate. See the results of the study in the “Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity Journal.”

WeightLoss Green Coffee does not give you a jittery coffee feeling. There really is a proportionately small amount of caffeine compared to regular coffee beans and no other side effects have been associated with green coffee bean extract.

The terms are different, but the results are the same:

Green Coffee Bean Extract Terms tidbits you might be searching for:

  • Weightloss Green Coffee is pure green coffee extract and should not be confused with others with less CA and EGCG.
  • There is 800mg of green bean coffee extract per serving of Weightloss Green Coffee.
  • Weightloss Green Coffee contains the same green coffee bean extract amount suggested by Doctor Oz.
  • Weightloss Green Coffee uses only the best green coffee beans, carefully selected.
  • Weightloss Green Coffee is packed with the benefits of coffee bean extract that you read so much about.
  • Green bean extract for weight loss is usually what people are looking for but forgot the word coffee.
  • The pure green coffee bean extract Dr Oz suggests and promotes is the same as found in Weight Loss Green Coffee
  • Green coffee bean extract for weight loss (WeightLoss Green Coffee) is the hottest thing on the market for a reason; it works.
  • Some call Weightloss Green Coffee pure green bean extract but it is the same.
  • Green bean coffee weight loss – same as found in Weight Loss Green Coffee
  • If it is not Weightloss Green Coffee it is not what you are looking for. Coffee bean extract may be what you searched for but it is the green bean coffee extract that works; not just coffee bean extract.
  • Weight loss is not the only green coffee extract health benefit. Green tea and other helpful ingredients found in our product are helpful in forming healthy cells as well.

You get the drift.

Weightloss Green Coffee by Whole Family Products is a safe and effective formula for burning calories, increasing stamina, revving up the metabolism, and minimizing carbohydrate conversion into body fat. Each ingredient has been carefully selected, tested, and proven to deliver a fast and effective way to lose weight.


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