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Pregnenolone Cream


Pregnenolone Cream contains healthful ingredients including pregnenolone, a natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving hormone. It comes in 4 oz pumps.

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A Natural Anti-Inflammatory and Pain-Relieving Hormone Cream

Pregnenolone Cream by Whole Family Products contains healthful ingredients; including of course pregnenolone which is the precursor to many other hormones. Precursor means that it is a hormone that is converted to other hormones. It is at the beginning of the chain. Good cholesterol turns into pregnenolone, and then it is split off into other steroidal hormones. Pregnenolone is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving hormone.

Pregnenolone is actually the base natural hormone for many pain prescriptions before they are molecularly changed into steroidal prescriptions like prednisone and others. If you have a diet that has been high in bad fats, especially saturated or hydrogenated, your cholesterol might just be turning to solid, making it unusable by the body. (Note: All saturated fat is not bad but if animal fats are not balanced with healthy fruits and vegetables, but are only eaten with white fat, white sugar instead, it becomes a fat bomb to the body.)

Many people use pregnenolone for the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, MS, joint, and arthritis pain. Others have found relief from amenorrhea (a long-time absence of menstruation). As a matter of fact, we include pregnenolone in our Pain Away Cream for this very reason. See our Whole Family Product shop, your trusted natural health supplements store online for use and more about the ingredients. For questions about other amounts to be used, ask your health care professional.

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Weight 6 oz
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4 oz pump CC

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