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Melatonin Sleep Lotion


Melatonin Sleep Lotion is a unique melatonin transdermal to provide relaxing sleep and the youthful glowing skin that you’ve always wanted. Sleep like a beauty queen (or king) with melatonin!

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Melatonin Sleep Lotion: Understanding Melatonin and Its Uses

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced mainly by the pineal glands that acts as a messenger of sleep. As the day turns into night, the melatonin level in your bloodstream reaches its peak to induce a restful, quality sleep.

How Does Melatonin Work?

Melatonin is commonly dubbed as the “Dracula of Hormones.” It comes out in the dark when everybody is trying to sleep.

In the absence of light during the night, a signal is transmitted to the pineal glands to activate pineal melatonin production. With high melatonin levels in the evening, sleep becomes more inviting.

But because melatonin production is affected by the detection of light, exposure to bright light inhibits the process. Therefore, it is best to limit screen time before bed to stimulate melatonin release.

Is A Melatonin Sleep Lotion Safe?

As of this posting, no study or research has linked the use of melatonin to dangerous side effects. But like other hormones formulated into pills and creams, there are some minor adverse reactions that you might experience when taking melatonin.

Generally, however, melatonin is perfectly safe to use. In fact, there’s a wide selection of melatonin sleep creams available on the market that are deemed safe and effective even for long-term use.

What Are the Side Effects of Melatonin?

Taking extra melatonin requires a conversation with your doctor. Although melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone, it is still associated with unwanted adverse reactions that might put your health in danger. Below are some of the side effects of melatonin.

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Bleeding
  • Increased blood sugar
  • Nausea

How Long Should You Sleep After Taking Melatonin?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep. If you are struggling in meeting that requirement, you might find a remedy in taking melatonin.

But ingesting melatonin or using topical melatonin sleep creams and lotions infused with melatonin cannot promise definite hours of sleep. Your sleep pattern will still be regulated by your circadian rhythm.

Remember that your natural body clock will normally wake you up as the sun shines up. So to help your body reset its sleep-wake cycle to a normal, healthy state, it is recommended to take melatonin 2 hours before bedtime.

In addition, it is best that you consult a doctor to know how much melatonin is safe for you to take. Too much melatonin may cause side effects and disrupt your sleep cycle.

Does Melatonin Improve Skin?

You may have heard from friends and ads that melatonin has potential for improving skin. And yes, it does!

Melatonin promotes youthful skin. The hormone is a powerful antioxidant packed with anti-aging properties that neutralize harmful oxidative radicals to protect your skin from UV-induced aging. It also helps in collagen production. As the skin repairs itself at night, melatonin supports the synthesis of collagen to achieve brighter and smoother skin.

Melatonin Sleep Lotion – Best Melatonin Transdermal for Sleep

Melatonin Sleep Lotion may help in getting you the good night’s sleep you’ve been craving for. It is a unique and special melatonin transdermal that supports deep, restful sleep.

If you are struggling with meeting your daily sleep requirements, Melatonin Sleep Lotion might be for you. But if you are more comfortable taking supplements by mouth instead of applying melatonin sleep creams and lotions, you can boost your sleep quality with our Melatonin Gummies, a flavorful supplement that comes in natural orange and mixed berries flavored gummies infused with melatonin.

Moreover, it is also important that you know the reasons behind your interrupted and poor sleep quality. Usually, exposure to long-term stress can tax your adrenal glands, which may lead to fatigue and difficulty sleeping.

Give your adrenal glands some nurturing with Adrenal Care, a lovely combination of herbs that helps in balancing stress hormones and reducing pain and inflammation. All these supplements are available at Whole Family Products, your trusted online store of natural products! Try them today and see the amazing results for yourself.


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