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Ellagic Insurance Formula

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Ellagic Acid Insurance Formula is a superior anti-carcinogenic complex. It provides 840 mg of actual Ellagic Acid per daily dose.

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Ellagic Insurance Formula is high in ellagic acid. Not sure why that is so important? Read on How Ellagic Acid Benefits the Body …

“Ellagic Acid may be one of the most important nutritional discoveries in the last decade. Studies dating back to 1993 have indicated ellagic acid may possess significant anti-carcinogen, anti-mutagen, and anti-cancer initiator properties. Ellagic Insurance Formula is the most potent Ellagic Acid Supplement product available: providing 840 mg of actual Ellagic Acid per daily dose.”

Benefits of the Pomegranate Juice Extracts:

  • Pomegranate fruit extracts are one of the most important ingredients in the Ellagic Insurance Formula. Pomegranate’s seeds sit inside a sac of pomegranate juice rich with antioxidants and other healthful properties.
  • Antioxidants reduce damaging free radicals which would leave a trail of aging, then cellular damage, and over time perhaps even disease. The Ellagic acid that is found in the pomegranate fruit among other juicy fruits, has been studied for the support of the colon, prostate, stomach, lung, esophagus, and liver health.
  • Studies of pomegranate compounds have indicated that the fruit’s compounds may even have positive effects on prostate cancer. It is strongly suggested that at the very least it slows down abnormal cellular growth.
  • Several studies have been cited such as:
  • Studies at the National Academy of Sciences reflected that in mice, treatment with pomegranate extract delayed the development of tumors.
  • At the University of California, researchers have tested the theory that pomegranate juice may keep prostate cancer from returning. In one study conducted, it was found men’s blood levels of prostate-specific antigen slowed down nearly four times after they began drinking pomegranate juice.
  • Other studies suggest that the juice of the pomegranate might even help prevent hardening of the arteries, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Take advantage of everything the pomegranate fruit has to offer. Today, one can reap the benefits of the pomegranate not only by eating the fruit itself or by drinking pomegranate juice, but also by supplementing their diets by taking a natural supplement rich in ellagic acid such as Ellagic Insurance Formula. This supplement contains all the vitamins and antioxidants that the pomegranate fruit has to offer.

The Ellagic Insurance Formula is based on ground-breaking research suggesting that extracts of certain plant phytochemicals have therapeutic healing effects in the body that are often greater than the physiological benefits experienced from eating the whole plant or the average daily amount of fruits and vegetables consumed in The Great American Diet.

This unique nutraceutical supplement combines therapeutic levels of polyphenols from plants:

  • Ellagitannins (Ellagic Acid) from Raspberries
  • Pomegranates and Terminalia Chebula
  • Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) from whole grape extract
  • Catechins from Green Tea
  • Graviola, and
  • 7 Plant Based Digestive Enzymes; together with the antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and the mineral Selenium to create an extremely potent antioxidant formula.

While there are numerous products available that contain some of the ingredients in the Ellagic Insurance Formula there is no other product available that comes even close to containing all the ingredients at the same therapeutic levels that the Whole Family Products Ellagic Insurance Formula provides.

Ask yourself this important question: “If scientists tell us that cancer and cardiovascular disease are lifestyle diseases, where diet and nutrition are factors in 60% of women’s cancers, 40% of men’s cancers, and 75% of cardiovascular disease, then why don’t doctors prescribe lifestyle changes including diet and nutrition for both the prevention and treatment of these diseases?”

Baby boomers have three (3) times the cancer rate of their grandfathers. Not only is cancer more prevalent, it’s become more difficult to treat. 600,000 people died from cancer in 1994. Now it’s over one million.

Statistics on death are even worse for cardiovascular disease. Heart attack and stroke kill 1,200,000 people per year, accounting for one third of all medical deaths in America.

9 reviews for Ellagic Insurance Formula

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    works good

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  3. Virginia (verified owner)

    I ordered this product on the recommendation of a friend and so I just started taking it. The service from Whole Family Products was exceptional and professional in every way. Very caring and compassionate people at Whole Family Products. I look forward to experiencing the good results of the Ellagic Insurance Formula

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  4. Philip G. (verified owner)

    Have been use ing for years, won’t stop.
    Tell COVID to hit the road, doesn’t have a chance against my Insurance.

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