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Cycle Balance Plus Progesterone

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Cycle Balance PLUS is a natural hormone balance cream designed to support the management of bad cramps and painful periods. It has all the same ingredients with Cycle Balance Progesterone Cream, only with the addition of an effective herbal complex containing extracts from herbs traditionally used to ease hormonal imbalance symptoms like chasteberry, blue vervain, mugwort leaf, and more.

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Natural Hormone Balance Cream: Cycle Balance Plus Progesterone

Cycle Balance PLUS is a natural hormone balance cream that is cold processed and rich with “happy cycle herbs” – all of which are traditionally used and proven to effectively manage symptoms associated with low progesterone levels and hormonal imbalance.

Why You Should Choose Cycle Balance PLUS

Terrible PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menstrual irregularities, painful periods, and bad cramps are signs of hormonal imbalance that need proper attention. Which is why we created Cycle Balance PLUS Progesterone to support women in their journey to balancing their hormones the natural way.

This natural hormone balance cream and its phenomenal combination of herbs, is designed for females who are either just starting to go through menopause and those with estrogen deficiency (due to lesser quality ovulation) and/or are in need of boosting their natural progesterone levels, but also for younger women who suffer from dysmenorrhea – painful periods. We know that sometimes, regular USP progesterone creams are not enough to ease symptoms especially in moderate to severe progesterone deficiency. Women are raving about their help with cyclic headaches and migraines. Read our reviews and also about Adrenal Care for the off cream days.

Cycle Balance PLUS Progesterone Benefits

Cycle Balance Plus herbs by Whole Family Products is a natural progesterone cream with progesterone USP and herbs. The ingredients in our hormone balancing cream are specially formulated to address many of the aspects of the female hormonal system safely and effectively. Each ingredient plays a key role in the efficacy of the cream.

  • Chaste tree berry (vitex): a normalizer of FSH and LH. When FSH is unbalanced, LH follicles cannot mature properly, leading to eruptions under the skin. Vitex is most well known for helping with ovarian insufficiency, luteal phase defect, and relieving PMS symptoms.
  • Partridge berry: helpful with heavy menstrual bleeding, absent menstruation, and menstrual pain, tones the uterus and ovaries, and calms the nervous system
  • Red raspberry: rich in many vitamins and minerals. It is traditionally used by midwives and folk medicine to tone the uterus and prevent miscarriages. It is also used in larger doses to bring on labor, aid in urinary problems, and reduce fluid retention. Red raspberry is probably the most used plant for prenatal care.
  • Mugwort leaf: used for pain during menstruation, improve menstrual irregularities, provide menopausal symptom relief, and improve circulation.
  • Dandelion root: used to clear the liver which in turn may regulate estrogen, normalize the menstrual cycle, and manage painful PMS symptoms, headaches, and mood swings.
  • Usnea lichen: used as an antibiotic, anti-cancer, and immune booster. It is also applied in the management of yeast and urinary and vaginal infections.
  • Prickly ash bark: purifies the blood and aid circulation
  • Rose hips extract: commonly used for inflammation. Rose hips are high in Vitamin C that supports adrenal glands and the immune system. It also soothes and protects stomach tissue
  • Syrup of sweet grape and mulberries: purple fruits are used for immune-boosting properties
  • Seaweed blend: used for glandular support

You see, Cycle Balance Plus Progesterone is more than just a natural balancing cream but it is silky to the touch and its herbal ingredients make the skin softer while it goes in easily to the skin. Our natural hormone balancing cream has a higher bioavailability due to the fact that it has been cold-processed; never heated. The ingredients stay intact; unlike most others which are heated for the progesterone to blend with ingredients.

It is important to note that this hormone balancing cream of ours is a sister product to our Cycle Balance Cream, but offers even more natural progesterone per serving. Each teaspoon of this hormone natural balance cream provides 30 milligrams of micronized natural progesterone USP as well as other hormone balancing herbs. Don’t be alarmed by the serving size. CBC Plus comes in larger sizes at a comparable price.

You can also use this in adjunct to Adrenal Care, another wonderful transdermal preparation that contains the same ingredients with Cycle Balance PLUS, less the progesterone hormone. Apply Adrenal Care during the first two weeks of your cycle and switch to Cycle Balance PLUS Progesterone on the next half of the menstrual cycle wherein progesterone is needed. This routine should allow you to get the help you need all month long. Buy only at the trusted natural health supplements store online, Whole Family Products!

Note: There is a Cycle Balance Plus 8 oz pumper available separately or you may purchase 1 with a pumper or without. Discounts will be added to the cart for combined items. Pumper is available to order separately.

For California residents: Read about progesterone and Prop65.

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