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Arginine Gel

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Arginine Gel for enhanced intimacy in men and women, and better circulation.

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Better Circulation Using Arginine Circulation Gel

Arginine has been found through research to support the immune system, the release of growth hormone, the production of white blood cells and increase blood flow throughout the body.

Arginine benefits include helping with sexual dysfunction and infertility issues, circulation problems, providing immune support, and helping those who have chronic wounds. Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that our bodies naturally produce, but it sometimes simply does not produce enough due to one’s failure to eat enough of the right foods.

Arginine Benefits

You can now get Arginine benefits from our specially formulated Arginine Gel and Arginine Circulation Cream both are designed to help increase blood flow and blood cell production, resulting in a more intense sexual sensation. Our L Arginine Gel and Arginine Circulation Cream have been noted to help improve the libido of both men and women and help with erectile dysfunction issues. See individual page for ingredients and specific info, as well as to purchase.

L-Arginine has been found to stimulate both the pituitary and thymus glands, whose secretions are involved in regulating sperm production. What this means is that it not only helps improve the libido, but it also helps improve the quantity of the sperm produced. In addition to l-arginine and the arginine benefits, the ingredients in L-Arginine Gel and Arginine Circulation Cream have been specifically designed to provide you with a synergistic blend to naturally stimulate and trigger pleasure responses more easily by helping increase blood flow.

Both men and women have reported that Arginine appears to increase their libido increasing their desire for sex and how great the sex itself is. The increased blood flow is only one of the ways it positively effects the body.

If you are looking to increase sexual function and improve fertility, try one of our Arginine products today!

See our many articles on this amazing amino acid in the Whole Family Products Blog.

(Now available Arginine Circulation Cream, with l-citrulline – an amino acid added to enhance the l-arginine.)

2 reviews for Arginine Gel

  1. Elizabeth (store manager)

    Hello Anonymous,
    We do not understand how the product could evaporate as there is nothing in it to cause that to happen. Honestly, we have sold thousands of this gel and have never been told of this issue happening with any other customer. We have customers that have buying this for many years. We do occasionally have a customer say that they do not like the stickiness of the gel but that is the only complaint that we have received about the gel. The Arginine Cream and the Arginine Circulation Cream are very different consistencies so they might work better for you and are more popular with most customers.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Does not last long in the container and evaporates quickly even though the lid is tight and stored in a cool area. This is the 3rd one that I ordered and all 3 were the same. Probably will not order again.

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  3. Your review is awaiting approval

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  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They were out of the gel so I got the arginine cream new maximum formula instead at no extra cost. Great customer service!

    (1) (1)

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