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New Year 2020, New You! 3 Easy Ways to Detox and Rejuvenate Your Body

The “New Year, New Me” trend just got popular again – and rightly so! Entering a new decade, people seem to be much more health-conscious now more than ever. Search results for queries such as “how to cleanse your body” are at an all-time high, and it paves the way for a healthier, body-conscious generation.

Detoxification, also known as “detox,” is one such popular buzz word that is climbing up the search engine rankings right now. As the term implies, detox is about resting, nourishing, and cleansing your body to get rid of harmful chemicals and toxins. Bad eating habits that we have accumulated throughout the years can harm the long-term health of our organs, such as our heart, liver, and skin. By eliminating these toxins through the process of detoxification, we are giving our bodies a fresh start.

Why Is Detox Important?

Detox is essential for several reasons. First, it allows your body to rest and recuperate by getting rid of unwanted toxins. When harmful toxins build up inside your body from bad habits such as smoking and eating fatty food, your body isn’t able to function very well. You start to feel dizzy and light-headed just by doing light physical tasks. You also tire out faster.

Second, detox allows your body to absorb nutrients more efficiently and much faster. In their natural state, the organs in our body are already programmed to get rid of toxic chemicals and waste. By helping our organs clean themselves up through the process of detoxification, they can absorb essential nutrients much better.

How To Detox? Here Are 3 Easy Ways!

By itself, our body already has a sophisticated way of removing toxins naturally. Our organs, such as our liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and, lungs are already working 24/7 to perform these tasks. However, our body can only effectively eliminate unwanted substances when it is healthy. Thus, we need to help it get in perfect shape by following these detox tips:

1. Limit Alcohol Intake

Excessive drinking can cause a lot of problems in your body, especially in your liver. The majority of alcohol is metabolized in our liver. Our liver metabolizes alcohol into acetaldehyde – and this chemical is a cancer-causing agent that can harm our body’s long-term health.

While drinking low-to-moderate amounts can have a positive impact on other organs such as the heart, excessive drinking causes the building up of fat in our liver. It also causes inflammation and scarring, which can cause long-term, irreparable damage.

By limiting alcohol intake, or completely averting alcohol, you can help keep your liver free from acetaldehyde. Stop overworking your liver and keep your body’s detox system in check!

2. Drink Lots of Water

Water is not just for quenching our thirst. It is a miracle liquid that solves a lot of our body’s detox problems. When you clean something, don’t you use water to flush the dirt and waste out? Our body works similarly.

By drinking water, you are not only cooling your body temperature down, lubricating your joints, aiding in digestion, and promoting better nutrient absorption. More importantly, you are helping your body wash out dangerous toxins and flush out waste products.

Aside from cleansing, water also helps keep your cells hydrated so they can do their functions well. By helping keep your blood clean and organs hydrated, your body can start running like a well-oiled machine. Drinking at least 4 liters of water for men and 3 liters of water for women is a good start.

3. Use Nutritional and Detox Supplements

Nutritional and detox supplements can amplify your body’s healing and detox potential. While we can get a lot of nutrients and minerals from the food that we eat, we might still need more to achieve the recommended daily amount for each essential nutrient.

Complete nutritional supplements, as well as natural detox supplements, can help us cover these needs. For example, hemp seed oil is one of the best detox supplements that you can use to improve your health in various ways, cannot be found easily in food. But they do come in convenient capsules that you can easily consume to enjoy the benefits of abundant essential minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc.

The best nutritional supplements that help with detox should be natural-based and plant-based. Detox is a means to flush out waste and toxins out of our body, so taking in natural detox supplements is the best way to ensure that we are only taking in substance that won’t harm our body. By strengthening and augmenting our ability to heal, cleanse and detox, complete nutritional supplements taken in convenient capsules or pills are a great way to help rejuvenate our body.

Check out these natural nutritional and detox supplements NOW to get started. Interested in taking some of the best detox supplements to help you cleanse your body today? Get in touch with us! Let us know in the comments section below your natural ways of detoxifying your body.

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