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5 Benefits of L-Citrulline as an Amino Acid: Good for Athletes

Amino Acids

Our body requires amino acids to function effectively. These amino acids are grouped into the essential and non-essential amino acids. The non-essential amino acids are the ones that your body can synthesize from other nutrients. The essential amino acids are the ones your body cannot synthesize and thus, needs to get them from a diet.


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L- citrulline is a type of non-essential amino acid. It is one of the most popular supplement ingredients good for athletes. The name originated from the Latin word Citrullus meaning watermelon. The natural source of this amino acid supplement is watermelon. Foods like soya beans, kidney beans, and peanuts also contain this supplement. L- citrulline turns into another amino acid called L-arginine in your kidney.

The Benefits of L-Citrulline

1. Improvement of Physical Performance

L-citrulline improves both endurance and resistance. It has wonderful effects on your physical performance. The cellular energy production can generally increase with about 6 grams of L-citrulline per day during exercise.

2. Erectile Function

L- citrulline helps in correcting erectile dysfunction. Its ability to increase blood flow helps men to have a harder erection. It also stimulates arteries and capillaries all over the body in performing their function to its fullest.

3. Heart Health

5 Benefits of L-Citrulline as an Amino Acid Good for Athletes | Whole Family Products

L- citrulline stabilizes your heart and prevents heart disease. L-citrulline works directly with the element nitric oxide which is the major element that maintains the arterial function. By doing so, they keep the arteries flexible, patent, relaxed and working the way they ought to. Arteries are found all over your body, and they contract and relax to control blood pressure.

4. Free Radicals

L-citrulline reduces free radicals and invariably reduces the harm they cause. Free radicals are atoms or group of atoms that damage the cells of the body. Although they are essential for some physiological processes necessary for life, an excessive amount of it brings about age-dependent diseases. Example of such diseases is cardiovascular diseases, cancers, neurodegenerative disorders, chronic conditions and so on. It functions by producing free radicals in the right dosage and also to reduce the excess accordingly.

5. Control of your Body Needs

L-citrulline controls many body needs. It controls the essential metabolic processes, preserves the appropriate nitrogen level, preserves the acid-base balance in the body, and makes the immune system function appropriately. Furthermore, it helps in the production of hormones like human growth hormone, insulin, and creatinine. L- citrulline equally helps in eliminating ammonia from the liver and muscle cells.

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