Arginine Cream New Formula Banner 3There are several benefits associated with l-arginine. It works from the outside of the body moving toward the inside, taking part of every basic need of human beings. So if you’ve heard about the various functions of this amino acid and you have poor sexual function, the good news is you are included in its benefits. Many users have testified to how effective their sex lives have been since they started taking the supplement, and we imagine yours won’t be an exception. So how does this work to enhance the libido for both men and women? Let’s go!

L-arginine for Men

For men, l-arginine works to improve athletic activities, fertility, sexual performance as well as circulatory functions in the body. With its production of nitric oxide compound, it can help the release of hormone as well as insulin; thus, helping the body to occupy a position that aid natural fat burning and muscle building. Irrespective of the age of its users, either old or young (18 years and above), this supplement has proven to be an effective tool to enhance sexual satisfaction; reducing situations of erectile dysfunction. Moreover, men take it to boost their libido naturally, to gain sexual stamina and also make it possible to gain erection in place of an unnatural route.

With its special way of increasing blood circulation in the body, users attest to its effectiveness by feeling the flow of blood being produced and sent to the genital areas. This brings men to the desired degree of erection needed for sexual enjoyment and libido boost in general.  Many studies have been carried out to test the potency of this amino acid in the body. In one such study, daily intake of 5 grams of l-arginine products (capsules) for about six weeks continuously, led to a tremendous result in the sexual experience of those men having an organic sexual malfunction.

There have been positive results for users who combine this supplement with sexual enhancers such as the root of Yohimbe but we have chosen not to go that route. Yohimbe has too many adverse reactions for so many people. These studies show the possibility of its combination with other similar ingredients for higher performance and increased libido. For those having a poor or low sperm count, the good news is here for you. L-arginine works to produce sperm (spermatogenesis) in men having this sexual dysfunction. If you have been suffering from male infertility, the time has come for you to smile because it enhances male infertility.

L-arginine for Women

The question is, is it only men that have sexual challenges? Of course not. Women are also known to deal with sexual problems like frigidity (in the true sense and not in a disrespectful way), infertility and other libido dysfunctions. Just as it works for men, L-arginine enhanced libido for women too. There are expert studies out there where this supplement has been used and tested on women having various degree of sexual malfunction and the result or outcome has been overwhelming. Women exposed to this amino acid have experienced a greater sense of sensitivity, sexual stimulation and the reach of orgasm than before the supplement was taken.

Whatever your sexual challenge, could it be that l-arginine may help take care of it?


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