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Best L-arginine for Fertility: What Does It Really Do in Our Body?

Brenda Albano

December 21, 2018

Best L-arginine for Fertility What Does It Really Do In Our Body

How L-arginine for Fertility Makes Sense

Fertility is only one of the important reasons to supplement using (in transdermal gel form) the powerful amino acid; l-arginine. Because of the role it plays in nitric oxide (NO) synthesis and how NO affects so many body systems, it’s pretty much an important supplement to consider for many reasons, but let’s look a little bit into Fertility.

Babies cannot synthesize l-arginine, but they can get it through breast milk.

Seniors need it biologically synthesized by glutamine through citrulline.

But in the middle years, the years l-arginine is used for fertility usually comes from certain foods, most of which are readily available. The problem is when a poor diet or lack of determination to eat well gets in the way. It is then that supplementation of transdermal l-arginine for fertility is the choice for many. You can choose of course; swallowing a number of pills each day, which have to be broken down by digestion, or transdermal cream, which is quickly and readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Without the need to tax the liver, by the way.

Arginine Cream Maximum Formula Boost L-Arginine WFP Infographics

Using a gel is much easier than taking pills or remembering to adhere to a special diet. That is what most people decide upon, thus bringing them to our Arginine products.

As we stated above, l-arginine for fertility is only one benefit. Other l-arginine biological functions are many, but as for its role in fertility, it’s as follows:

  • Dilation of arteries and increased blood flow
  • Circulation; cardiovascular function for proper blood flow around the uterus
  • Helps support a better outcome of the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS / PCOD) in women.
  • Infertility in men and women due to poor maturation
  • Helping to increase sperm count and to as a possible help for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men
  • Ladies who are trying to conceive at an older than normal age take heart. You have help.

L-arginine and Fertility

Arginine Gel, as the name implies, has a concentrated base of its namesake, and being a gel, it is applied topically. Arginine Gel is used in preparation for a good time and has long term benefits as support for infertility and erectile dysfunction.

Arginine Gel Infographics Increase your Sexual Function

It is a safe and effective supplement made from naturally synthesized arginine that can help naturally produce your own arginine and as it boosts levels in the body. With prolonged, constant use, it has shown very promising results for infertile couples and is beneficial for all-round health too.

Couples who have been trying for a baby might benefit from the fertility-boosting effects of l-arginine supplements (like Arginine Gel or Arginine Circulation Cream).

Other reasons Arginine Gel can help couples are due to the following benefits:

Boosts Nitric Oxide Production: The more arginine one has, the more nitric oxide is synthesized by the body. NO has been proven to increase libido and reduce conditions caused by inflammation (like PCOS and fibroids in women, which cause infertility).

Boosts Circulation: This has a variety of effects on both men and women. Better circulation means more sustained erections for men and increased production of cervical mucus in women, which facilitates the easier movement of sperm cells into the uterus for fertilization. In addition to that, L-arginine increases libido and sexual urge in both men and women, and this increases their chances of getting pregnant.

Boosts Sperm Count: Studies have shown that using Arginine Gel every day for 6-8 weeks shows a significant increase in sperm count and motility. The improved quality of sperm means higher chances of fertilizing an egg.


While the FDA does not endorse natural products ie. the use of l-arginine, these amino acid supplement studies support very promising results for couples who might be dealing with infertility problems in this way. Whole Family Products Arginine Gel is safe to use for both men and women, and consistent use is sure to show some pleasing results.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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