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4 Health Benefits of Transdermal Vitamin D3 Cream

Vitamin D3, also known as cholecalciferol, is a form of Vitamin D that is synthesized by the body when sunlight hits the skin. You need Vitamin D3 for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

It is important to note, however, that Vitamin D3 is not naturally produced by the body. Thus, people who have limited exposure to the sun may suffer from Vitamin D3 deficiency.

But because the body is not able to make Vitamin D3 on its own, the needed dose of Vitamin D3 should come from supplements such as tablets and creams.

Transdermal Vitamin D3 Cream is a transdermal supplement that packs all the benefits of Vitamin D3. Its vitamin content is carried through a cream-based formula infused with Aloe Vera Gel extract.

Aloe Vera Gel is very effective in improving skin integrity. It is delicate to the skin and helps skin dryness.

Due to Aloe Vera Gel’s proven pleasant effects on the skin, Derma D3 Cream should not leave your skin feeling greasy and irky with every application. Buy vitamin d3 cream is light and glides smoothly, leaving your skin soft while delivering the benefits of Vitamin D3 to your body.

Transdermal Vitamin D3 Cream Can Improve Vitamin D3 Deficiency SymptomsDerma D3 by Whole Family Products

1. It Helps to Rebuild Bone and Muscle Health

Your bones and teeth need calcium and phosphorus to grow and maintain a healthy condition.

But since Vitamin D3 is needed for your body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, a lack of Vitamin D3 can lead to insufficient calcium and phosphorus circulating in your bloodstream to support bone and muscle health. This explains why people suffering from Vitamin D3 experience bone pain and muscle weakness.

2. It Reduces your Risk of Diabetes

Studies suggest that low Vitamin D (Vitamin D3 specifically) is linked to insulin resistance in diabetic patients. Researchers believe that keeping a healthy level of Vitamin D can help improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

3. It Helps Defeat Depression

Vitamin D is a key player in regulating the release of serotonin, your happy hormones. When Vitamin D level declines, it may influence the amount of serotonin in the bloodstream. Low serotonin puts you at more risk for depression.

4. It can keep your Skin Healthy

Vitamin D impacts the level of serotonin. Low Vitamin D could mean low serotonin. If the brain interprets low serotonin as a stressful event, it will be triggered to open up your pores, which may lead to excessive sweating.

When you sweat too much, your skin becomes dry. Increasing Vitamin D in your body should help fix this.


Vitamin D3 deficiency shouldn’t be too hard. You don’t have to settle with bothersome symptoms that you can manage through upping the level of Vitamin D3 in your body.

Derma D3 Cream is a Vitamin D3 cream that benefits people who are struggling with Vitamin D3 deficiency symptoms. It’s the best transdermal Vitamin D3 cream that we recommend to those who need an extra Vitamin D3.

It comes in a 4 oz pump bottle that can last you up to 100 applications. It’s high-value and cost effective!

With Derma D3 Cream, you get the therapeutic properties of Vitamin D3 without breaking your pocket. Grab your first bottle today.

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