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Ellagic Acid Potential In Arresting Cancer Cells Mutation

Brenda Albano

January 30, 2023

Ellagic Acid Potential In Arresting Cancer Cells Mutation

Ellagic Acid Insurance Formula with Graviola by Whole Family Products has 840 mg of ellagic acid in a single dose. To date, the company has sold thousands of this supplement due to its promising nutritional benefits.

Apparently, ellagic acid, the main important constituent of Ellagic Acid Insurance Formula with Graviola, is being touted as a natural antioxidant that can arrest cancer cells mutation. Apart from its mutagenic and anticarcinogenic properties, research suggests that it can also yield benefits on skin elasticity and weight loss. Special note: We do not make claims about this product being included in any studies but only that ellagic acid itself has an impressive story.

But how true are these claims? Let’s dig into the studies and updated information surrounding ellagic acid below!

What Is Ellagic Acid?

Ellagic acid (EA) is a naturally-occurring polyphenol compound present in red fruits, berries, and some nuts. The best sources of EA are blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, pomegranates, walnuts and pecans.

Studies found that EA can bind into cancer-causing molecules to arrest the progression of cancer cells. In fact, in an investigation made on the effects of pomegranate extracts on tumor cells, it was found that EA has a potential in stopping the tumor cell cycle progression. Meaning, this amazing substance can actually interfere with the growth of cancer cells and possibly even into retreat.

How Cancer Cells Mutate?

In a research led by Professor of Pathology and Biochemistry Dr. Lawrence Loeb at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, it was hypothesized that the genetic mutation of cancer cells begin from a normal cell growth that went terribly wrong without evidence of cause. And as soon as these normal cells mutate into cancer cells, they are transformed into “mutator cells” that facilitate the mutation of more and more cancer cells within the body. In other words, each cancer cell is highly likely to multiply at a faster rate, which drives cancer and tumor progression.

Loeb’s hypothesis could probably explain why it is difficult, even for modern medical science, to find a cure for cancer. But because EA is believed to attach into cancer-causing molecules, this substance gives hope in putting an end to the genetic mutation of cancer or tumors in the future.

Can Ellagic Acid Stop Cancer Cells Mutation?

Though further investigations are required to confirm whether or not EA can stop cancer cells mutation, the latest and updated studies revealed that EA is a highly effective remedy to reducing the mutation of cancer due to its antiproliferative and proapoptotic properties.

As mentioned above, EA possesses the ability to bind into cancer molecules and inhibit its growth. How much EA is needed for this? Not known yet. This antiproliferative effect of EA on tumors is significant in controlling carcinogenesis – the initiation of cancer formation.

EA’s proapoptotic effect is also an essential factor that makes it a suitable aid to cancer. Cancer progresses when cancer cells mutate faster and live longer. Thus, the need for proapoptotic agents that can stimulate cell death.

Apoptosis is the process of eliminating potentially dangerous and infected cells during development to maintain a healthy balance in the body. An increase in proapoptotic proteins can contribute to the reduction of “mutator cells” as they can halt the process even before cancer cell growth activates.

How Does Ellagic Acid Benefit Skin Health?

Aside from its ability to act on the growth of cancer cells, EA is also believed to be effective in improving skin elasticity because of its inhibiting effects on matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) production. MMP is an enzyme activated by exposure to UV and inflammation that contributes to the breakdown of collagen. When this enzyme is suppressed by EA, skin becomes more elastic while fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

EA’s natural antioxidant characteristics also protect the skin from harmful free radicals and toxins that can make skin dry and rough. With the right amount of EA in beauty products and supplements, it is likely to promote positive effects on the aging process and skin inflammation caused by external factors such as sun exposure.

Ellagic Insurance Formula Infographics

Can Ellagic Acid Promote Weight Loss?

If you’re looking for more information on how EA can help you with weight loss, then you’ve found the right page. Not everybody is talking about the benefits of ellagic acid on weight but studies on animals have been presented with evidence that this polyphenol compound can actually help in reducing the effects of obesity.

As per an examination done to identify the effects of EA on lipid metabolism, it was concluded that it can boost the breakdown of fatty acids while its antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties can attenuate the expansion of adipocytes (fat storage). Thus, providing a positive impact on the management of obesity.

How To Absorb Ellagic Acid?

After zooming into the health benefits of ellagic acid, we now can tell that it is an optimistic help to cancer therapy and many other chronic illnesses. The problem, however, is that EA cannot be absorbed quickly and completely by the body. Therefore, its useful therapeutic effects are limited and not properly synthesized.

So how can the body effectively absorb ellagic acid? According to new findings, it is possible to increase the oral bioavailability of EA through encapsulation of pure ellagic acid before taking by mouth. For this reason, ellagic acid supplements had now populated the market, suggesting it to be the best natural remedies for cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Ellagic Acid Insurance Formula With Graviola – Whole Family Products

Whole Family Products the trusted natural health supplements store online takes pride of its Ellagic Insurance Formula, a supplement high in ellagic acid complex that promotes EA’s superior anti-carcinogenic effects. Created from a ground-breaking study that the therapeutic benefits of EA are absorbed better by the body through the administration of pure EA extracts than consuming fruits and nuts rich in EA, this special supplement has an increased bioavailability to allow maximum assimilation.

Each capsule is bursting with extracts from a combination of healthy fruits and plants such as ellagitannins from raspberries, pomegranate and terminalia chebula extracts, oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC) from whole grapes, catechins from green tea, Graviola, digestive enzymes, vitamins A, C, E and Selenium. But among these ingredients, Ellagic Insurance Formula gets the highest ellagic acid content from pomegranates and red raspberries.


Pomegranate juice has long been used for its benefits on cancer prevention, strengthening immunity, and fertility boost. The whole fruit, from seeds to peel, packs healthful nutrients such as Vitamin C, ellagic acid, potassium, fiber.

This red fruit is rich in antioxidant that’s three times more than what you can find in green tea, making it a superfruit great for boosting the immune defense and protecting the body from free radicals and inflammation. Its antioxidant also has a positive impact on oxidative stress, which is useful in enhancing fertility.

Studies claim that oxidative stress may result in sexual dysfunction and decreased fertility among men and women. Drinking pomegranate juice is a traditional method to recover from fertility and reproductive problems such as low testosterone, declining sperm count, and low libido.

In addition, pomegranate has antibacterial and antiviral characteristics that make it suitable in preventing bacterial infections and viruses.

Red Raspberry

Red raspberries aren’t just sweet and tasty. They’re also good for your health.

For centuries, the leaves and fruit of red raspberry has been in easing gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort, respiratory problems, and heart diseases.

Vitamin C, ellagic acid, and quercetin are some of the antioxidants found in red raspberry that makes it a strong antioxidant. Quercetin is a compound that gives fruits their natural pigments. It is believed to be helpful in reducing inflammation, fighting infections, and relieving symptoms of allergy.

Red raspberry extracts are also touted to help relax blood vessels. It is a traditional aid that promotes proper blood circulation and improves conditions of the heart.


Catechins, just like ellagic acid, are natural antioxidants that helps fight off the growth of cancer. Commonly found in green tea, it is capable of reducing inflammation and retarding cell damage.


Graviola or soursop is a popular fruit hailed as a cancer cure to date by many. Though no studies can provide a full proof evidence that it can repress cancer mutation, no investigations countering this claim can deny it either.

Ellagic Insurance Formula is now infused with graviola extract to boost its strength against cancer-causing agents within the body. We trust in graviola’s potential in fighting free radical damages into cells.

Digestive Enzymes

To ease digestion and absorption of ellagic acid, we added plant-based digestive enzymes in Ellagic Insurance Formula. Here are the digestive enzymes you can get from each gelatin capsule:

  1. Protease
  2. Amylase
  3. Bromelain
  4. Invertase
  5. Lipase
  6. Cellulase
  7. Lactase

Whole Family Products in no way claims that Ellagic Insurance Formula with Graviola can diagnose, cure or treat cancer. But this supplement boasts an extremely potent combination of carefully selected natural ingredients known to inhibit the production and growth of cancer cells.

What can you say about the potential of ellagic acid against cancer? Do you believe that this polyphenol compound could be the ultimate remedy to prevent the growth of cancer and tumor cells?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below! And if you liked this post, do not forget to share and visit our website to check out more of our blogs about natural health and remedies!

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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