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Ellagic Acid and Graviola: Know the 4 Powerful Health Benefits You Can Get
Ellagic Acid and Graviola Know the 4 Powerful Health Benefits You Can Get

Ellagic Acid and Graviola: Why It is a Power Team?

Ellagic acid is naturally present in many plants, especially in fruits and vegetables. Foods with ellagic acid are gaining importance because of the wondrous properties of Ellagic acid. It is present in a wide range of foods which are already a part of the diet of many people but not in the proportions necessary to ward off sickness.

It is a naturally occurring compound having antioxidant properties that can help the body in conditions such as cancer.

Scientists have also recently shown a keen interest in the usefulness of ellagic acid and therefore more studies are being conducted in animal models which have shown that ellagic acid has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in conditions such as chronic illness, obesity, infections, and even diabetes mellitus.

Graviola is an evergreen plant that is known for its active compounds that help people in alleviating symptoms of certain oral conditions including bacterial infections. Graviola is also used in household kitchens to cook food and in some beverages, though the masses are not necessarily aware of this.

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Ellagic acid and graviola are often combined to complement their effects for a better end result. Supplements such as the Ellagic Insurance Formula with Graviola: Best Ellagic Acid Supplement offer the best combination of active compounds helpful in conditions causing inflammation and infection and are beneficial for the skin as well.

Foods with Ellagic Acid

If you want to fulfill your need for ellagic acid from natural sources then you should know about foods containing ellagic acid. These foods are easy to source and they can be included in the daily diet plan quite easily.

The rule of thumb is that an ellagic acid-rich diet consists of nuts and berries as these sources have considerable amounts of the micronutrient. Some of the foods with ellagic acid are:

  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Cranberries
  • Pomegranate
  • Pecans
  • Grapes
  • Strawberries

Notice the common color of these foods. Many people think that blueberries are a rich source of ellagic acid but the truth is that even greater ellagic acid concentration is found in raspberries.

People still find it difficult to manage their routines around a strict diet to intake ellagic acid because it is a micronutrient. To make this process easier, there are many Ellagic acids and Graviola supplements such as Ellagic Insurance Formula that allow the consumers to enjoy ellagic acid benefits for the skin without worrying about specific combinations of fruits and vegetables and how much to eat of each.

4 Powerful Health Benefits of Ellagic Acid and Graviola

Because of the interesting properties of ellagic acid and graviola, it has caught the attention of scientists who are now taking steps to ascertain the properties of ellagic acid such as ellagic acid benefits for the skin. Studies are being conducted regarding what properties of ellagic acid e.g. the antioxidant role it might play in the battle against cancer and various other chronic diseases. This has also led to research for other benefits of the ellagic acid as well. Some of these benefits are as following:

Helps in Obesity

Obesity has gripped modern-day man completely in its fist. The sedentary lifestyle of most people is the root cause of obesity and many compounds are being looked at to find a one-stop solution for obesity.

Ellagic acid is one such ingredient that is helpful for people who are trying to shed some pounds and get back into the perfect shape.

In 2016, scientists started studying the resistin hormone in the body. Resistin is secreted by the body and the function of this hormone is to nullify the function performed by insulin. In a way, resistin is responsible for obesity apart from other reasons.

The study found that mice that were fed with ellagic acid showed that resistin levels in their bodies had decreased. This result showed that ellagic acid may help in weight loss by binding to the resistin hormone and increasing the sensitivity of the body towards insulin.

Protects DNA

DNA is a very fragile molecule that carries information for the sustenance of an organism. Free radicals that appear as a result of breakdown toxic compounds are responsible for damage to the DNA in a process known as oxidative stress. DNA damage is the basic cause of cancer wherein the normal functions of the cell deteriorate and the cell malfunctions and divides abnormally.

In one study, scientists working on the properties of ellagic acid from natural sources observed that the levels of oxidative stress because of free radicals were considerably low in the samples with ellagic acid. The study has shown that ellagic acid may help in protecting DNA in the body against oxidative stress from free radicals.

Ellagic Acid Benefits for Skin

UV radiations are helpful for the body to produce vitamin D through the skin. Overexposure to UV radiations also leads to damage to the skin and even cancer in many cases. Collagen is the layer under the skin which is mostly affected by the UV that leads to damage to the skin.

In 2010, scientists carried out an experiment to assess the use of ellagic acid to protect against UV radiation and the resulting skin damage. Mice were administered with ellagic acid and then exposed to UV radiation for extended periods.

The results of the study showed that ellagic acid helped in decreasing the effects of UV radiations on the skin of the animal models. It is also interacted with the collagen layer to repair any damage to the skin by excessive UV exposure.

Other forms of skin damage are the formation of wrinkles and inflammation of the skin. Ellagic acid can also support collagen to repair this kind of damage to the skin as well.

Wrinkles are mostly misunderstood as skin aging but they actually form when the skin gets damaged due to breaking in the collagen. Ellagic acid interaction with collagen can help in the reduction of skin wrinkles as well.

Detains Cancer

Tumor cells are a sign of cancer. Their growth is the reason for the spread of cancer in the body. Because of the anti-oxidative properties of the ellagic acid, it is seen as a potential candidate by scientists as a compound that can detain cancer.

In 2014, mice models with tumors were given ellagic acid in their diet. With time it was noted that the molecules of ellagic acid once bound with the tumor cells decreased the growth speed and, in a way, detained cancer from growing rapidly.

But it was just a preliminary study. Extensive research still needs to be carried out in the field to ascertain if there are benefits for humans who are suffering from any form of cancer.

As always, check with your health care physician with knowledge of such things to determine if there are any contraindications with any prescriptions or supplements in your regimen.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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