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Digestion Specialist Helps Constipation Among Kids and Toddlers

October 5, 2013

Digestion Specialist Helps Constipation Among Kids and Toddlers

Constipation in Children and Toddlers

Many people ask us if their children can take something such as Digestion Specialist. The answer is emphatically YES! If your child can eat anything live, any fruits or veggies, anything with enzymes then, of course, your children may benefit from Digestion Specialist.

The disclaimer to that, of course, is that your child has some kind of polyps or sarcoidosis then this is not appropriate and medical assistance should always be sought.

You would not be here today if you didn’t love your child and want the best for him/her.  Hopefully, we can be of help to you.

As with adults, if children are constipated is most likely related to diet. Don’t feel bad. You are not a bad “parent”, but more likely products of great advertising in the media. Two factors may be present. If they have a diet that is too high in iron but not naturally rich in calcium and magnesium then the stools become hard and immovable. This can happen often with fortified rice cereals and formulas. Do you know that you can take a magnet to Cream of Wheat and it will actually become covered with the iron filings they use considered as “an iron supplement”. Most would not WANT this type of supplementation in their or their children’s diet.

Likewise, if the diet is full of dead / overly processed food, especially too much white flour and sugar and high protein the body will naturally run out of enzymes. It is enzymes, vitamins and minerals which the human body needs to breakdown its food INTO the vitamins and minerals which it will need to use it. This is a cycle and at some point the cycle is broken and constipation enters in.

Digestion Specialist Best Complete Digestive Enzyme Supplements Infographics

What to do? First and foremost we would always encourage you to feed your bodies in a way that is natural; packaged food is NOT! Include real vegetables and fruits in their diets; ones that are especially naturally high in fiber and try to use whole grains which will have minerals. Live foods mean before life is cooked out of them. YES, that is what I said; live fruits and veggies are what the body needs.

At this point, you will need to decide if you need something now that will help your child to become free of constipation but ALSO HEALTHIER BY THAT FREEDOM. This is NOT where you run to the store and buy laxatives which will cause your child to be eternally dependent on this type of help FOREVER. We get emails from people often who say they have not had a bowel movement on their own. That is very sad and not at all necessary.

Digestion Specialist is NOT a laxative. It also is NOT a combination of bulking herbs which push hard on the bowel walls and can cause problems if your child has a blockage in his / her colon. Digestion Specialist is delicious. Added to water (or juice for children) it fizzes up a little and dies down leaving a yummy strawberry drink behind. It works very quickly in some and a little slower in others who have been suffering a long time. Slower means within a day, where quickly means sometimes in a half hour.

One thing that is important to know is that you should not be running your errands when you give your child DS because quite frankly, you don’t know when the time will come. Although it is not a laxative and does not cause diarrhea, it will loosen the fecal matter hardened in the intestines so you want to be ready.

One thing that many notices are that you actually feel not only clean but energized as when one has a colonic. When taken at night a renewed energy usually follows in the morning.

Here is the application I recommend trying:

You can mix one ¼ or ½ dose (depending on age and degree of constipation) of Digestion Specialist in a cup of juice and allow your child to sip on it throughout the day. There is no bulk and therefore it will not thicken. You may want to stir it once in a while to keep it mixed. They will not mind the flavor at all, and if they have had fizzy drinks will like the little bubbles.
The other option is to simply mix the powder directly into yogurt or something creamy like that. You can break it down into portions throughout the day to make it go through their digestive tract more slowly.

One thing to remember is that it took time for your child to get constipated. That is why we suggest that you give them 1 dose to start on the first day and then the next day give more if needed. We say 1 only on the first day because it may be enough to do the trick but if not then use it according to the signs of your own little one.

It is such a basic product. The right combination of enzymes, vitamins and minerals is what everyone needs to turn food into liquid, which is then broken down further by the liver, and then into the bloodstream for use. When we deplete our bodies its enzymes through the food we eat, we are tapping into those which are naturally stored at birth for our entire lifetime. Basically, that means to you that if your child is constipated you may be affected his future digestive system more than you know.

The problem is that we don’t get enough of what we need to accomplish this task in our daily diets. The REAL problem comes when time passes without our bodies getting what they need. We even see with animals these days that human disease has now become animal disease.

I hope you find this information useful. We are absolutely sure, both you and your child/children will LOVE the Digestion Specialist. Blessings to your health

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DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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