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Affiliate Info

Sign up to be an affiliate of Whole Family Products.

We've put together some information to help you earn referral income.  Do you know that you will earn 15% on every sale you make?  Just use the links provided to you in your affiliate dashboard and point people to the products you love.

OOPS. Were you looking for Wholesale purchasing information?  Click on our Wholesale page to learn more.

Let's get started, shall we?

First, sign up by clicking the highlighted Affiliate Log In page,
on our catalog home page, shown here

Once signed into the back office you will be able to check your commissions,
get affiliate links and more by clicking on the other links shown there.

Follow the directions to sign up as a new affiliate.

  • Keep your password safe.

  • Be sure to keep your email up to date so that you may receive commissions as they come in.

  • Our images change often so please check back once in awhile to check and to find new products for sale.
    Find  Affiliate Images HERE.  You can use them in your links to look more professional.  Please let us know if you need an image that is not listed.

If you send customers to the home page of the catalog, you only need one link.

  • Once they arrive, the tracking number will disappear from the address bar but it will remain in the cookies for 60 days or until they click through your site again.

  • Your link to the home page will look like this and most importantly you must make sure to have the "s" in the https for security and trust with your customers and also that your affiliate number replaces YOUR#HERE:

For individual product links; helpful when you want to point to exact products:

Notice the "My Tracking Info" is highlighted in the image below.
That is our focus here.


Now follow the prompts after clicking the "Custom Affiliate Tracking Code"

Let's look at the "My Tracking Information" and see how to make a link
to use as text links or embedded in your images.

  • The first thing you do is notice your tracking code number in the top box.  This is your personal affiliate code which will be in all links you use for your referrals that we referred to for the catalog home page.

  • Then see that box under it?  The tracking link generator looks like there is nothing there but click in that box.  Notice how it begins to show you a drop down of products.  Begin typing the name of the product and it will populate with product choices.  Just choose the one you are looking for.  Then when you click on the product your entire link will show up in the third box below.  Copy that link to use.  I can't stress enough not to forget the "s" in https or the affiliate link will not register your commissions.

    Here is an image to show what you will see after you create the link.  Once you have clicked continue it will take you back to the affiliate dashboard where you can begin again to create another link or check your affiliate info as mentioned before.

The codes are not saved.  You merely create new links each time and it will just add the tracking code in the same way.  Just copy the links to use.  Heck you might get so good at it that you'll figure it out and just make them up without the generator.  The generator isn't a database of your links.  It is just there to help you make them automatically.

Now you are ready to go.  Make your links and add them to your website or emails.  No need to keep track of them since they are identical each time you generate them except for the ID of the products you choose.  Just remember where you place them in your own site so you can keep them up-to-date.


Next, I'm sure you are wondering "How much will I make and how will I be paid?"

What is the commission rate?  

>> 15% of the sale before shipping costs.  

How is commission determined?  

>>  Affiliate commissions are paid on referrals and repeat purchases of those customers.  Commissions are not paid on your own personal sales.

>>  Affiliate commissions are assigned to the account when the sale comes in but is not paid until the end of the month following the sale. This is because of charge backs, fraudulant card use, returns etc.

This is standard with all affiliate programs.

How are commissions paid?

>>  You do not need a Paypal account to sign up but we do pay by check and through Paypal so it is easier if you would like payment sooner.

>>  A valid email is necessary for payment.

>>  The commission threshold is $25.  When it is the correct time of the month and you have $25 or more in commissions, a payment will be made to you. Otherwise commissions are held until the qualifying month.


How do commissions continue?

>>   Cookies are for 60 days so be sure to engage your customers regularly. We are paying you a referral fee so keep referring.

What about taxes?

>>  You do not need to provide your social security number until you reach $575 in commission in a calendar year.  We will contact you when it gets close and in order to be paid any further, we will need to have that on file.  The IRS requires a 1099 for $600 or more paid to anyone.

Better than commissions?

>>  If you would like, we can give you a gift certificate to our store in the amount of 120% of your commission check.  So if you just love the products and want to talk them up to your friends and family, but are not looking for income you can save up your commissions and we will give you $30 store credit instead of $25 in commission

Use our support ticket if you have any questions or comments about our affiliate program.

Thank you and happy sales. 

Remember:  "Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice." Proverbs 16:8

Whole Family Products is proud to be part of the Affiliate Seeking Directory.




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