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Bupleurum Benefits: Less Talked About Herb But Surprisingly Useful To Your Health

Brenda Albano

September 2, 2023

Bupleurum Benefits Less Talked About Herb But Surprisingly Useful To Your Health

Awesome Bupleurum Benefits and Learn Why It is Beneficial To Our Health

People who are curious about the traditional medicinal herbs which have been used for centuries in central and East Asia usually ask what are the bupleurum benefits. It is a traditional herb that was used by early people belonging to these regions as a standalone remedy and also in mixed herbal formulas. Nowadays,

In the early days, no one asked “what is bupleurum?” because as an herb it was commonly familiar to help in conditions related to breathing to even the menstrual cycle. Bupleurum supplement is very well known for its detoxifying characteristics which have made this herb a very important part of traditional Chinese medicine.

What is Bupleurum?

Bupleurum is the name of a plant found in China and East Asia as a native. A variety of it known as bupleurum americanum is also found in western states of America. This plant is of importance as an herb and has been used in traditional herbal medicines.

This plant is a member of the Apiaceae genus. In appearance, it is beautiful to look at and is used as an ornamental plant. It has yellow flowers that appear in a cluster formation when the plant is blooming. The leaves are sickle-shaped.

Bupleurum Root WFP Infographics

After the flowers have been pollinated, the fruit of this plant appears to look like a cylinder, but it is not the fruit, the leaves, or even the flowers that are of interest to people practicing Chinese herbal medicine.

This plant’s roots are important; they appear yellow and are bitter to taste if used in medicine. It contains many active compounds from the plant, such as sterols and saponins, which are active ingredients in these roots.

It is also frequently asked what bupleurum is used for, and early evidence and records from people practicing herbal medicine show that, primarily, bupleurum was thought to be helpful in respiratory manifestations. This included any types of flu and chest infections that led to cough, difficulty breathing, and fever.

It is also thought to be helpful in people facing digestive issues such as diarrhea, indigestion, and constipation. Bupleurum may also help women going through menstrual problems such as dysmenorrhea and even PMS.

Traditional medicine also suggests that bupleurum may even be of help in alleviating the symptoms of general disorders such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, anorexia. It may also help people with insomnia to regulate their sleep and get better sleep. People suffering from tinnitus have also reported that bupleurum has helped them manage the symptoms to some extent.

4 Bupleurum Benefits: What is Bupleurum Used For?

Bupleurum is commonly known in herbal medicine as Saiko or chai hu. Although it is considered as a herb which is less talked about, its history goes back centuries and following are some of the conditions in which bupleurum may be helpful. They will definitely answer the question of what is bupleurum used for:

#1. Regulates Mood

Anxiety and depression are very real and they are the most common problems for which people take medication. The medication in these conditions is mostly aimed at stabilizing the mood which helps people avoid severe episodes of depression.

Medication for anxiety and depression usually works by stopping the body from taking up serotonin by the cells. Although it may sound simple, these medicines have a lot of side effects. This is why people look for more reliable natural remedies such as Bupleurum to address their peripheral symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Although bupleurum overall helps in relieving the symptoms of depression and anxiety, it is most helpful in people who are suffering from anxiety and depression stemming from PMS or other underlying conditions related to the menstrual cycle.

#2. Helps Ovaries to Function Well

A study was carried out in 2015, to assess the role of root extract of bupleurum in ovarian cancer which originated from the epithelium of the ovaries. The basic purpose behind the study was to gauge the anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties of this effective herb extract in-vitro.

The study reported that when bupleurum extract was administered in-vitro to the ovarian cancer cells, they experienced the killing effect of cancer cells that were depending on the dose of bupleurum extract that was given.

The extract also showed the ability to shrink the size of cancer cells as well as the ability to start apoptosis in cancerous cells (apoptosis is cell death which is programmed). The study has shown promising results of bupleurum extract’s support in fighting against ovarian cancer. Please read the article / study to fully understand. As with anything having to do with cancer of any kind, you should study the subject completely and ask your doctor for help with your personal profile. All therapies are not for all people.

#3. Helps in Seizures

Every year almost 5 million people are identified as suffering from epilepsy which is alarming. In epilepsy, the neuron network in the brain misfires which causes a disturbance in brain activity leading to seizures or uncontrolled body movements.
An herbal formula such as Bupleurum supplement could possibly be helpful in addressing the outlying symptoms of epilepsy.

To support this fact, a study was conducted in animal models to assess the anti-epileptic effect of bupleurum on animal models suffering from seizures. The results concluded that bupleurum can be of significant help in epilepsy.

Moreover, Bupleurum supplement does not react with other medication to manage seizures which makes it safe to use as well. Need I say again to check with your doctor and present the studies along with questions to help determine if bupleurum can be helpful for your personal health profile.

#4. Supports the Adrenal Gland

People suffering from various health issues are often advised to use corticosteroids to counter the problems arising out of their condition. Although corticosteroids are rapid-acting they may affect adrenal function.

In many cases, people using corticosteroids for a long time suffer from an adrenal deficiency. This is where Bupleurum comes in as it may be of help to people suffering from an adrenal deficiency.

Bupleurum Side Effects

So far, there has been no scientific evidence of bupleurum side effects that could be highlighted as adverse effects or reactions.

Some mild discomfort has been reported by some users of the bupleurum related to the digestive tract. It has been reported to cause intestinal gas and rapid bowel activity. When taken along with other herbal medication, some users have reported breathing issues.

However, as a precaution, health experts contraindicate bupleurum in people who are suffering from auto-immune diseases, blood disorders, and in women who are lactating or expecting.

Bupleurum also stimulates the immune system which is why people using immunosuppressants should consult with their doctor before taking them.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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