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Biofilms: Definition, Effects, & Considerations

December 20, 2018

Biofilms Definition Effects & Considerations

Biofilms Introduction

Biofilms are absolutely amazing. They are something that sci-fi films are made of and the topic of great research these days. Don’t read this if you easily get worked up about health matters. SerraZyme is the good news against biofilms so be encouraged and read on.

Biofilms Detox Biofilm Dissolving Supplement Infographic

Biofilms are microorganisms caused by fungi, protists and bacteria, which thrive on damp, wet environments. They are formed through the sticking of bacteria to any surface in moist areas. After sticking to these surfaces, they begin to release slimy substances (extracellular polymeric) that further enable them to hold firmly to different materials like plastics, human tissues, plant tissues, soil, metals as well as other material that can encourage their growth. As a result of their strand-induced nature, they attach firmly to their target surface; thereby creating what is known as matrix, which makes their growth possible and complex.

The first of bacteria invaders that succeed in adhering to a surface is made possible by Van der Waals forces; some reversible as well as weak bonds. At the beginning of the invasion, they can be separated, but, if not immediately done, they grip the host’s surface permanently through the process of cell adhesion. This process is encouraged by proteins and cell (adhesion) molecules that help to join other similar cells to them; hence the creation of a matrix.

Biofilms Features and Effects

Biofilms can be found in various forms from single cells to several thick cells having many inches. This all depends on the state of the environment in which they find themselves. Some features of a biofilm are growth, development, thickness and maturity. If the environment favours their growth, they will develop to the point of floating and getting detached to invade nearby surfaces. 

Biofilms have a detrimental effect on human, medical, home and industrial properties. These organisms can clog equipment and also harbor hazardous bacteria. For example, dental infection results from a biofilm invasion which glues to teeth causing diseases in the gum and cavities. Things that encourage their growth in the mouth include mouth guards and dentures; common mouth appliances. 

Apart from the common known teeth infection, pond scum explains another possibility of its existence. Biofilms also pose a high risk of infection for medical appliances because biofilms work to reduce the potency of sterilization. Other associated targets are heart valves, artificial joints, contact lenses, pacemakers and catheters.

Biofilms, implanted on the medical catheter, have been associated with nosocomial infections; the fourth major cause of death all around the US. The immune system of a biofilm host is usually affected as it halts the day to day activity of antibodies. In a similar vein, they are antibiotics resistant because antibiotics are not always strong enough to go beyond the outer layer of the biofilm.

The concerted effort is being made through research to put biofilm-induced infections under check.

Methods in Fighting Biofilms

Best Biofilm Defense Infographic Biofilm Detox and Serrazyme Enzyme

To successfully combat biofilm, the following three methods have to be adopted:

  1. Prevention. Stopping the initial surface adherence through coating with antimicrobial agents or using a material that entirely blocks the process.
  2. Intervention. Hindering their further growth and development into the matrix through the use of molecules that can hinder signal generator/receptor.
  3. Elimination. This requires the combination of antibiotics alongside a degrading property for the biofilm matrix. A good example of a degradation agent is Dispersion B.

SerraZyme with serrapeptase has the ability to break down these growths and remove them from the body, naturally.

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DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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