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Phytoestrogens: Benefits, Menopause, Functions & Definition

Brenda Albano

December 27, 2018

Phytoestrogens Benefits, Menopause, Functions & Definition

Phytoestrogens: Definition

Phytoestrogens are plant-based substances that act like human estrogen. Some tidbits about estrogen are:

  • Estrogen imbalance causes mood changes and hot flashes.
  • Estrogens are hormones formed in the body of women that regulates menstrual flow.
  • They are produced by the endocrine system.
  • They play a greater role in adolescence and help in the development of armpit hair, breast, and pubic hair development.
  • They lose much of their grip on women once they are in menopause.

Phytoestrogens in Food?

  • Vegetables and fruits – apples, carrots, pomegranates, cranberries, grapes, sprouts, mung beans, and lentils. They are also in soy products, herbs, liquids, and grains. They are beneficial indeed.
  • Grains and legumes – These food items contain enough phytoestrogens which are also called dietary estrogens.
  • Flowers and seeds – flax seeds, sunflower, sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds.

Functions of Phytoestrogens

They replace estrogen in their usual function because they exhibit the same chemical structure. Once they are in the body, your estrogen receptor accepts them as estrogen. Then, they will interrupt how the hormone normally functions. The bond between phytoestrogens and estrogen is loose, that’s why their effects are weak.

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Six Benefits of Phytoestrogens

1. Reduces the hormonal imbalance in women at menopausal age.

2. Aids a woman during her pre-menopause symptoms such as mood swings, irregular menstruation, hot flashes, tender breasts, and low sex drive.

3. Avoidance of osteoporosis which is estrogen deficiency at the post-menopausal stage.

4. Phytoestrogens as a supplement help to strengthen bone which can eventually benefit in the battle against osteoporosis.

5. Reduce menstrual cases caused by estrogen drop and controls your mood and energy.

6. Reduces the risk of breast cancer and helps the heart.

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