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The 9 Benefits of Magnesium and Its Many Uses

Brenda Albano

January 16, 2019

The 9 Benefits of Magnesium and Many Uses

Uses of Magnesium

Magnesium aids most of the biochemical activities of the body. It enhances exercise and fights depression. It sure helps with type two diabetes and reduces high blood pressure. Magnesium reduces inflammation in any part of the body. Make sure you take diets that contain a high level of magnesium because it is vital to your health.

Where Magnesium is Found

Magnesium is involved in most biochemical reactions in the body. It is seen in animals, humans, plants, the sea, and the earth. Our bones contain about 60% of magnesium. While the muscles, body fluids, and soft tissues harbor the rest. It is rampant in every cell of the body because it is a co-factor in all biochemical activities.Sleep WeightLoss Supplements Infographics

Some of the Health Benefits of Magnesium are as follows:

  1. It aids about six hundred body reactions, including protein formation, energy creation, gene maintenance, nervous system regulation, and muscle movement.
  2. It enhances exercise performance by depositing blood sugar into the muscular regions of your body to dispose of lactic acid. This is how muscles are built during exercise. Magnesium supplements can speed up activities during exercise. Both athletes and elderly people suffering from chronic diseases need magnesium to aid them in their activities.
  3. Magnesium relieves depression. It regulates the functioning of the brain and controls mood changes to fight depression. Older people are at a higher risk of depression because they take a lower quantity of magnesium.
  4. Magnesium suppresses Type 2 diabetes. People with low intake of the substance are at great risk of Type 2 diabetes. Therefore, taking a food supplement with magnesium is a good idea.
  5. Magnesium lowers blood pressure but has no adverse effect on those with normal blood levels.
  6. It is an anti-inflammatory agent. Magnesium fights inflammation in people. Therefore, taking a food supplement is advisable.
  7. People suffering from migraines may need magnesium supplements for relief from the problem.
  8. Magnesium supplements help to promote insulin resistance in cases of metabolic syndrome in Type 2 diabetes.
  9. The supplements are beneficial for people with premenstrual syndrome. Also, you don’t need to be afraid of any side effects. Magnesium is available in food items like avocado, salmon, mackerel, cashews, halibut, black beans, dark chocolate, quinoa, spinach, as well as boiled pumpkin seeds.

A magnesium supplement is all that is acceptable with no side effects. Therefore, you can’t say it’s not available to make sure you take enough of it because of its shortage; the mineral will alter the proper functioning of your body.

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