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Reap The Benefits Of Healthy Sexual Function With L-Arginine Cream

Brenda Albano

June 27, 2019

Reap The Benefits Of Healthy Sexual Function With L-Arginine Cream

If sex is so satisfying, why can’t I experience it?

The problem may lie in your sex drive. Despite how in love you are, the issue may be physiological – for one thing, a lack of l-arginine.

Fortunately, this deficiency may be safely supplemented with natural topicals. If you are searching for where to buy arginine cream, instead of pills or powders, you have come to the right place.

With the help of topical l-arginine cream, you can improve libido and reap these five benefits of healthy sexual function:

1. It Enhances Intimacy between Couples.

Are you always bickering with your partner? Have you lost your spark and tenderness? Perhaps you could not remember when you last had sex, and you never realized this was the problem.

Arginine Cream Maximum Formula Boost L-Arginine WFP Infographics

Experts say that couples who engaged in sex regularly were more affectionate, days and even months after having sex. Their studies included long-married couples and those with children, meaning, sex mysteriously bonds couples together, enhancing their intimacy.

2. It Relieves Stress.

After a long, stressful day at work, you may want to hop into bed and skip sex with your partner. Don’t.

A Harvard University article suggests happy hormones released by our body when we have intercourse such as dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin, and endorphins all help you feel pleasure and ease your stress by lowering cortisol levels.

3. It Improves Sleep Quality.

Why do we usually feel sleepy after sex? Blame it on prolactin, researchers say. This hormone is released during sleep and after orgasm, relaxing your body and making you doze off.

The link between sex and sleep is actually a two-way street. Individuals who have had a good night’s sleep were shown to have more energy and desire for sex, hence, they attained greater sexual satisfaction compared to those with sleep disorders.

4. It Helps Block Pain.

Are you a constant victim of pain? You may not believe this, but some studies suggest that sex may help relieve migraines, limb pain, and menstrual cramps. Those who had sex during an attack testified of diminished pain. Women who reached orgasm also reported higher pain tolerance.

Scientists attribute these findings to the “feel-good” endorphins and oxytocin. Besides alleviating stress, these hormones can tone down pain and inflammation as well.

5. It Helps Strengthen Heart Health.

If you would like to boost cardiovascular health, sex is a wonderful means. Surveys reveal that individuals who habitually engaged in sex had a lower risk of hypertension and heart diseases. For women, non-sexual affection such as kissing and cuddling had positive effects on their physical and emotional well-being, besides cardiovascular benefits.

Enrich Your Sex Life with Arginine Cream

Problems with libido or sexual drive have prevented many couples from enjoying sexual intimacy, besides missing out on the health benefits sex can bring.

Arginine Gel Infographics Increase your Sexual Function

Thankfully, a natural topical cream infused with l-arginine has been specially formulated by Whole Family Products to help couples frustrated with their sex lives. L-arginine is a natural amino acid that aids in improving blood flow and circulation, stimulating better orgasm and erection. L-arginine cream is a valuable supplement for managing libido and other sexual function issues.

If you are wondering where to buy arginine cream, look nowhere else than Whole Family Products, your reliable online shop for natural health supplements.

Are you suffering from low libido? How did you remedy yourself naturally? What other health benefits of sex can you name? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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