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People like you just love our Whole Family Products affiliate program. Our success depends on YOUR success. Haven’t signed up yet? Don’t know about how our program works? Register as a free affiliate.

What We Do

Connect People with Great Products

So many great whole health and longevity products to choose from, and continually growing. Everything you need for health, beauty, weight loss and longevity and even income. More products coming monthly and all are automatically included.

Best Arginine Circulation Cream Helps Improved Blood Circulation

Bring You Cutting Edge Products

Not only do we bring you great products but cutting edge, market explosive products like Arginine Circulation Cream, Berberine Complex, Goodbye Cramps, Menobalance Cream, Keto 3000 BHB Exogenous Ketones, Coleus Forskolii; always more coming!

Customized Landing Pages

Get a free landing page for your customers to “land” on.  Or if you want something more special, for a very small fee you can have your own landing page designed. No need to create links, just promote the page and allow your customer to seamlessly move about without the mistrust of affiliate links and unfamiliar redirects.


Link Generator Built In

Create one link for the entire site or individual products you want to highlight on your site or in emails. You decide what works best for YOUR business model. Create campaigns, image linking or link to any product you want.  All with one click.

We’ve even created banners like these to make it even easier to attract new customers

Build your business through relationships; family, acquaintances or personal marketing. You decide.

The best part of Affiliate Marketing is that you get to decide how you want to do it.  If you love something you tell your friends and family, right? Well, why not make a little pocket change for what you already do – share the health.

But what if you want more than a little pocket change?  What if you want to stay at home with your kids or simple want to work from home for the convenience of it?  What about being able to come and go as you please and making your IP address your new “office address”?  YOU decide WHEN you work and WHERE you work!

Looking for more incentives?

Our program is designed to let you decide how much effort you want to put into your success.

Everyone starts with a minimum of 12.5%.  From the very first sale until you reach $999.99 in retails sales.  Looking for more incentive?

WANT MORE? Once your links generate $1000 in sales, in a calendar year, you get a raise of 2.5% more on every sale.   Now instead of 12.5% from that point on you will earn 15% of all sales for one calendar year from that point.  As long as you maintain $1000 for that year your 15% will remain. Otherwise, your commissions will go back to 12.5%

WANT MORE?   Give yourself a 2nd raise to 20% when you reach $2500 in a calendar year.  As soon as you reach that level of retail sales, you automatically jump to it.  No need to wait any length of time.  Your sales determine it all.

It’s fairly simple and straight forward.  Retail sales volumes are after specials, coupons and discounts and before shipping is added.

Don't have your own website?

Don't worry if you don't have your own website.  We can help you in 3 ways:

  • Our link generator can be used to create links to use in your emails.
  • We provide landing pages so you can send people right to a page that is about you.
  • We can provide a small 1-page website, for a small cost, which includes your own domain for 1 year and hosting.

Ask us how this all works.

  • HIGH COMMISSIONS 15-20% 100% 100%

Understanding your Dashboard and Affiliate Links

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard has several parts:

    • Overview: Your account summary showing visitors and commissions by this day or month.
    • Sales:  Shows you what your actual order numbers / totals/ commissions are.  You won’t be able to capture their information but you can see how much the sale is for and how much commission you make for each one.
    • You can also do a search for a range of dates; as time goes by.
    • Payment History:  This allows you to see how you are being paid and you may also do a range of dates if you would like to compare.  This is a good way to see if your campaigns or email are working better than others; over time.
    • Edit Profile:  This is self explanatory.  Make sure to keep your information fresh; at least if you want to get paid.
    • Lastly, your Creatives which we will explain in the other section.  Here you can create one link to use for the entire site or get creative by pages you’d like to promote directly.
      For example:  Your default link is to the SHOP page.  But you can be more specific than that by sending your referrals to an exact page.  Maybe you have been promoting Natural Estrogen Cream and want to send them to that page instead of just the SHOP.  This is where you can create these links to use.
    • Our images change often because of ingredient changes or the need to keep up with current designs so check back often and also to see new products available.

How to Create Links

  • Helpful tip: If you send customers to the SHOP page, you only need one link. Below we will explain how to make specific links.

  • Don’t be alarmed if you don’t always see the link in the address bar.  Once they arrive, the tracking number might not always show but their cookie will remain for 45 days.  Most of our products are 30 day supply so there is enough time for them to find you again or come back to our shop and re-order.  Since this is an affiliate program and we are paying you to find customers, in a sense, then it is up to you to keep in touch to make sure your people stay your people.  45 days is above the industry standard of 30 day cookies.  If they revisit your website/email and click through again, the cookie will start again.
  • A link to our store with your ID will look like this: https://wholefamilyproducts.com/shop/?wpam_id=2  But suppose you like a particular product and want to promote that?  Just add click on the Creatives tab and where it shows that link replace it with the page you want to point your sales to.  Do it like this: Right under where it says:
    Enter any URL from this site in the form below to generate a referral link.
    Put the page address of any product page or page you want there.  EX:  https://wholefamilyproducts.com/shop-page/anti-aging-energy/
    Click on the bar/button: Generate Referral URL.
    Here is what you get:  https://wholefamilyproducts.com/shop-page/anti-aging-energy/?wpam_id=2   This is simple to do. 

    Now here is the code to use for the link on your site: 
    <a href=”https://wholefamilyproducts.com/shop/?wpam_id=2″ title=””>default affiliate link</a>

    It will say: Below is your referral URL. (You can copy it and share anywhere.) or if you want to a, add it to a campaign or email:  https://wholefamilyproducts.com/shop-page/anti-aging-energy/?wpam_id=2
  • Always make sure your links have the https because they have to be secure and that is what the “s” at the end of http means.
  • The codes are not saved.  It is just a tool to give you the code.  Anytime you want that same page link, just put it in and hit the Generate Referral Link bar again.  The generator isn’t a database of your links.  It is just there to help you make them automatically.  So after awhile you will realize that it is just a matter of adding:   /?wpam_id=2 (with your number) after any page url.

Affiliate Program – How To – Let’s get started, shall we?

Whole Family Products affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises Whole Family Products or specific products on it.   Anyone who clicks on your email or website link and purchases on our site, through that link, will earn you an affiliate commission.  The standard commission rate is currently 12.5 – 20%.

First sign up to be an affiliate of Whole Family Product:

Existing affiliates log in. | If you are not already registered, first register, then login.

Once you are registered you just sign into your dashboard for all kinds of useful information; including those links just mentioned, check your commissions and more.

Helpful tips when first registering:

  • Don’t worry if you can’t remember how to get back to your dashboard later.  There is a link on the top and side of most pages to take you there. 
  • Be sure to approve the membership request to our Affiliates Whole Family Products list that will come by email.
  • Do keep your password and user name safe.
  • Keep your email up to date for affiliate only specials and keep your Paypal password up to date as well for payments.

Now you are ready to go.  Make your links and add them to your website or emails.  No need to keep track of them since they are identical each time you generate them except for the ID of the products you choose.  Just remember where you place them in your own site so you can keep them up-to-date.

Next, I’m sure you are wondering “How much will I make and how will I be paid?”

What is the commission rate?

To start, without any prior sales, you will make 12.5% of the sale before shipping costs, on every sale that goes through your link.  The exception is for any orders that are refunded or cancelled.  If we don’t get paid, you don’t get paid.  We are sure you can understand.

How is commission determined?

  • Affiliate commissions are paid on referrals and repeat purchases of those customers.
  • Affiliate commission is assigned to the account when the sale comes in but is not paid until the end of the month following the sale. This is because of charge backs, fraudulent card use, returns etc.
  • Commissions are not paid on your own personal sales. The program will block anyone from collecting a commission in that way.  This is fair since we are paying you for referrals and not just give you a 12.5 –  20% coupon every time you order.  This is standard with all affiliate programs.

 How are commissions paid?

  • A Paypal account is required for payment.  You only need to receive money through Paypal but don’t need to be a regular user of their site.
  • A valid email is necessary for payment.
  • The commission threshold is $25.  On the 15th of every month our affiliate list will show which of you have $25 or more in commissions.  If you have received orders in the month of November and your commissions are $25 or higher, then on December 15th a payment will be issued to you.  Otherwise commissions are held until the qualifying month.

How do commissions continue?

  • Cookies are for 45 days so be sure to engage your customers regularly. We are paying you a referral fee so keep referring.

 What about taxes?

  • You do not need to provide your social security number until you reach $575 in commission in a calendar year.  We will contact you when it gets close and in order to be paid any further, we will need to have that on file.  The IRS requires a 1099 for $600 or more paid to anyone.

 What’s better than commissions and taxes? – Store credit!

  • Like our products and wish you get more?  Choose a gift certificate to our store in the amount of 120% of your commission check.  So if you just love the products and want to talk them up to your friends and family, but are not looking for income you can save up your commissions.  You can either take $30 in store credit or $25 in commission.   Just contact us before the 15th of any month and let us know.

Thank you and happy sales.

Remember:  “Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice.” Proverbs 16:8

Existing affiliates log in.   Or use the same link to become an affiliate:
First register
as a user and then login.

Whole Family Products is proud to be part of the Affiliate Seeking Directory.

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