7 Natural Supplements to Boost Immune System Quickly
7 Natural Supplements to Boost Immune System Quickly

Down with the flu for the nth time? Got a persistent cough that just won’t leave?

Without knowing it, you may have been abusing your immune system with the diet and lifestyle choices you make every day. Skimping on sleep for a few nights, munching on doughnuts, or being an innocent couch potato are simple daily decisions that can bring tremendous harm to our health.

Nevertheless, weightier responsibilities like being a new parent, for instance, require some of us to sacrifice sleep. These situations call for the best natural immune system booster supplements like serrapeptase. Health benefits for one’s immunity may be reaped when taking any or a combination of the following organic sources.

1. Graviola Leaf

A popular fruit-bearing tree in the tropical regions of South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia, Graviola is otherwise known as Soursop or Guabana has long been used in traditional medicine for its therapeutic effects on many conditions and is now being studied for its immune-enhancing properties. True enough, extracts from its leaves have been discovered to contain substances that stimulate the production of antibodies, specifically cytokines and macrophages, in the presence of infection and inflammation.

2. Green Tea

When it comes to immunity, tea may be better than coffee. Unlike coffee, green tea carries active chemicals called alkylamine antigens, which have been found to improve the number and performance of immune cells in response to bacterial or viral invaders. Also present in some bacteria, parasites, and fungi, these antigens are said to prepare the immune system for battle with microorganisms bringing in colds and flu. So, take a good dose of green tea every day.

3. Turmeric

This deep orange-yellow root crop from the ginger family does not only add flavor and color to our dishes but has been utilized down the centuries as a natural anti-inflammatory aid. What gives turmeric its vibrant hue as well as culinary and healthcare prowess is its rich curcumin content, making it widely known to reduce pain and swelling. Recently, however, research suggests that curcumin also exhibits immune-boosting characteristics in activating many different kinds of antibodies like neutrophils, T cells, B cells, natural killer cells, dendritic cells, and macrophages.

4. Ginseng

Traditional Asian medicine has been using this wonderful root for hundreds of years to manage numerous disorders. And why not? Ginseng is quite abundant with body-loving phytochemicals like saponins that powerfully regulate the action of diverse immune cells like dendritic cells, macrophages, T cells, B cells, and natural killer cells. As a result, ginseng is able to promote healthy immune balance, increasing resistance to foreign microbial attack and helping relieve inflammatory symptoms and conditions.

5. Cat’s Claw Bark

A climbing vine typically flourishing in the Amazon jungles of Central and South America, Cat’s claw is being looked into for the variety of benefits it can bring to human wellness. Specifically, extracts from the bark and root of this exotic plant has been found to be comprised of alkaloids, active ingredients which seem to possess a modulatory effect on the immune system. These substances are claimed to enhance white blood cell activity and interleukin count. Some studies suggest that cat’s claw may also protect from certain viral infections.

6. Burdock RootSerraZyme Ultra Best Serrapeptase Supplement

Hailing from the same family as dandelions and sunflowers, Burdock is a companion to several Asian dishes and a recognized staple in traditional medicine. This vegetable is enriched with nutrients and restorative properties to various aspects of health. Its root, in particular, has helpful ingredients that combat bad bacteria, fungi, and other invaders. This anti-microbial Burdock root especially assists in defending and supporting our good intestinal flora, leading to relief of digestive problems due to bacterial or fungal infection.

7. Serrapeptase Enzymes

Aside from the herbal aids mentioned above, immunity may also be enhanced through systemic enzyme therapy sourced from nature. Miracle enzyme serrapeptase, isolated from silkworms, have been discovered to be advantageous to gut and overall health by dissolving undigested protein and cholesterol that have gathered harmful bacteria and built up as plaque or abnormal tissue growth on blood vessels, organs, and other unlikely locations in the body. This cleansing and detoxifying power is the secret behind all the serrapeptase health benefits on inflammatory and immune system disorders.

As the famous adage goes, “Health is wealth.” There is no better investment for our own good and that of our families than better health. The seven best natural immune system booster supplements available on the market today have already been laid out. It is now your turn to make a decision and work towards achieving your wellness goal of stronger immunity.

Which of the seven natural immune-boosting supplements struck a note with you? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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