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6 Natural Ways for Fighting Inflammation: #3 Comes Highly Recommended by Many Satisfied Users
6 Natural Ways for Fighting Inflammation #3 Comes Highly Recommended by Many Satisfied Users

Natural Pain Relief

Many people believe that the best way to relieve chronic and inflammatory pain is through natural pain relief methods. For centuries, chronic and inflammatory pain was met with natural, herbal relief and dietary changes. These still remain the best methods for reducing chronic pain and inflammation; allowing the body to heal itself; naturally.

Endorphins are actually a great example of how the body deals with relieving pain. By binding with pain receptors, endorphins send “pain relief” messages and block receptors in order to deal with pain in this unique way. It almost tells the body that there is no pain.

Natural Ways of Fighting Inflammation

Simply put, inflammation is the body’s natural response when there is harm such as an injury or ongoing trauma to the body.. This is a good and healthy response but the real problem comes when pain and inflammation turn chronic.

Chronic inflammation is damaging to the body. In this situation, there are medicines available on the market that help the body overcome inflammation, but continued use of these medicines may have implications for the body in the form of side effects, as is the case in most other methods which are not based on natural pain relief.

6 Natural Ways of Fighting Inflammation (1)

The good news is that there are some natural remedies for inflammation that can help the body fight inflammation without the serious side effects that may become apparent after some time. Some of these supplements for inflammation include the following:

1. Curcumin Ingredient

Curcumin is in the same anti-inflammatory family of foods as turmeric and ginger. This particular anti-inflammatory supplement has also been known to accelerate the wound healing process because it has shown effective results in reducing inflammation caused by obesity. Dieters take note.

2. Zinc Supplement

Zinc boosts the immune system as a backdoor kind of way for reducing inflammation. When oxidative stress is the culprit, zinc might be what is missing. A little zinc can go a long way at reducing the rate of oxidative stress on the body. In times of Covid 19 and other viruses on the rise, zinc is something worth supplementing. Be careful because zinc taken too quickly in too large an amount at first, can make you nauseated. Introduce it slowly or eat foods rich in it.

3. Serrazyme Enzyme

When talking about inflammation, we would have to say that hands down, the best natural anti-inflammatory therapy available is one that uses serrapeptase, a systemic enzyme, to address the problem of standard or biofilm-related inflammation in the body, and it also works for people with weakened immune systems. Experts have reported remarkable results from the use of this anti-inflammatory supplement in dealing with the inflammation caused by obesity or when the body is pushed beyond its boundaries. SerraZyme Ultra is known as the best serrapeptase supplement and is recommended by many satisfied users.

SerraZyme Ultra 120 Capsules Best Serrapeptase Supplement

4. Capsaicin the heat inducing ingredient

Capsaicin is used for blocking pain by bringing warmth to the body, helping with blood flow and sending the right signals to pain receptors.

5. Green Tea

Countries where green tea is widely used have lower rates of chronic pain and inflammation. Green tea is also great for appetite suppression, leading to weight loss. Just as with curcumin, turmeric and ginger there is a correlation between chronic inflammation and obesity. It has been used as a natural anti-inflammatory remedy for centuries and known for its powerful antioxidant abilities.

6. Essential Oils

Essential oils such as lavender and peppermint (as well as eucalyptus when the pain is muscle related) are considered analgesics. They help with pain by reducing inflammation on the spot or by breathing them in and allowing their benefits to take hold through the lungs.

Disclaimer: Just because they are natural doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your homework, so please use them wisely and check with your doctor if you have questions.

Natural Pain Relief by Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase enzyme is one of the best natural remedies for inflammation. It is produced by silkworms and can be extracted from them . The FDA does not classify this enzyme as a medicine, but is considered a natural, alternative health supplement. In other countries, serrapeptase enzymes are usually prescribed by doctors because of the health benefits they provide to patients suffering from pain. This pain can be as minute as a common headache, or it can be as serious as arthritis or chronic inflammation from obesity and often as a result of the development of biofilm deposits in the body.

A very effective natural anti-inflammatory therapy using serrapeptase with a systemic enzyme is available in the form of Serrazyme Ultra supplement. It is considered to be very effective in addressing inflammation throughout the body. The nature of these inflammations can be simply due to injury or they can be from serious underlying health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, obesity or in one testimonial on the Whole Family Products site, scleroderma.

As evident by its name, serrapeptase as a supplement for inflammation works by acting on the peptide bonds of the proteins that cause inflammation. When these bonds are broken, it results in a decrease in inflammation of the body.

Medical experts, while hailing the serrapeptase health benefits, have also warned against determining the dosage at home as there can be side effects of this or any other anti-inflammatory if the drug is taken in excess. Therefore, the dosage of serrapeptase should always be decided by a health practitioner. Read on our blog about Serrapeptase Enzymes: An Overview and Benefits on Pain and Inflammation.

The Systemic Enzyme Therapy Approach

Systemic enzymes take a different approach to reducing or eliminating inflammation by removing any physical obstacles to healing such as scar tissues, pus, chemical buildup, organic waste etc. Systemic enzyme therapy is especially effective when the body undergoes over-exertion, and produces inflammation of muscular tissue. Normal recovery from this is called fibrosis; the body healing itself. Systemic enzyme therapy can be used to hurry up the healing process in order to more readily heal the body. Since its discovery, over a decade ago, serrapeptase has been recognized worldwide for its abilities as a systemic enzyme therapy.

Serrazyme Ultra has been effective in patients suffering from chronic or temporary inflammation due to its systemic enzymatic abilities, combined with other healthful ingredients; known for their success in relieving the pain that comes from inflammation..

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been approved by the FDA and we do not make any claims that this product or ingredient will cure, prevent, treat or even diagnose any disease. Studies linked here were conducted by independent labs for informational purposes. Please check with your doctor of choice for information regarding your own personal health profile and needs.

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