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6 Best Home Remedies For Peripheral Neuropathy: A Healthy Guide

Brenda Albano

November 17, 2023

6 Best Home Remedies For Peripheral Neuropathy A Healthy Guide

Understanding Peripheral Neuropathy

Just as the name suggests, we will be looking at what makes the best home remedies for peripheral neuropathy. Let’s get started. As this is a serious condition, always check with your doctor if you have concerns or questions about your personal profile.

What does Peripheral Neuropathy even mean? Let’s break it down:

  • The peripheral term is related to the brain and the spinal cord.
  • Neuro is nervous system-related
  • Pathy means illness.

Peripheral neuropathy (PN) develops when the nerves that transmit messages to and from the brain, spinal cord, and the rest of the body, are diseased.

The only thing that connects your internal organs, spinal cord, brain, and skin is a complex network, which is developed by peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerves emerge from the spinal cord and are organized into dermatomes, which are lines that run across the body. Damage to a nerve typically affects one or more dermatomes, which can be traced to specific body parts.

Damage to these nerves disrupts communication between the brain and other areas of the body, limiting muscular mobility as well as causing pain. There are over 100 different kinds of peripheral neuropathy.

Each variety has its own set of symptoms and options for possible relief. Let’s start with a few basic and commonly searched terms on the subject, like peripheral neuropathy symptoms, peripheral neuropathy causes, how to get peripheral neuropathy relief, and can arginine blood circulation gel provide some relief.

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

In the human body, there are three types of nerves: motor, sensory, and autonomic. PN can affect one, two, or all three nerve groups. Mono-neuropathy is a condition in which only one nerve is affected. Peripheral neuropathy symptoms vary depending on the type of neuropathy.

Symptoms of Motor Neuropathy

Symptoms of motor neuropathy include:

  • paralysis cramping in the muscles
  • twitching
  • muscle wasting
  • muscular atrophy

Symptoms of sensory neuropathy include:

  • tingling and prickling sensations
  • numbness
  • reduced pain sensations
  • pain from gentle touch
  • a lack of balance

Symptoms of autonomic neuropathy include:

  • diarrhea
  • low blood pressure
  • Irregular heartbeats per minute
  • sweating excessively
  • difficulty with sexual function
  • bowel incontinence
  • soreness in the feet and legs

Peripheral Neuropathy Causes

Peripheral neuropathy causes can be varied. This disease can be caused by several variables and underlying conditions. In rare situations, peripheral neuropathy can be inherited, although the majority of cases are acquired. Diabetes-related nerve injury is one of the most common types of neuropathy. This leads to numbness, discomfort, and a lack of sensation in the extremities.

The American Diabetes Association suggests adopting the following steps to postpone nerve damage:

  • Monitor your blood sugar levels to ensure that they remain within the desired range.
  • Look for symptoms of damage, infection, or hot patches on your foot.
  • Protect your feet by wearing proper shoes.

The National Institute of Health estimates that 60 to 70% of diabetic patients have some form of nerve damage.

Nerve damage can also be caused by other chronic conditions, such as:

  • Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis
  • abnormalities of the kidneys or liver
  • abnormalities of the arteries and blood
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (a condition caused by increased pressure on the median nerve) is the most common kind of peripheral neuropathy.
  • chronic inflammation and tissue damage

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Options

Medications, in some cases, are used for peripheral neuropathy relief. Studies suggest statins (a family of medications used to prevent cardiovascular disease) can cause PN, a study published in 2020 revealed that statins may raise the risk of neuropathy.

Some drugs may cause nerve damage, thereby leading to severe injury. Here is a list of 62 drugs that cause nerve damage. Below are a few types:

  • anticonvulsant drugs
  • antibiotics to treat bacterial infections
  • some blood pressure medicines
  • cancer-treatment medicines

Symptoms of Sensory Neuropathy

6 Healthy Natural Relief for Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

Some natural remedies can help with symptoms and peripheral neuropathy. The most common cause of neuropathy is diabetes. Watching what you eat, regular exercise and monitoring blood sugar are good plans to do your best to avoid it in the first place or to at least minimize the effects after the fact. Natural remedies for the pain and discomfort are as follows:

1. Acupuncture

By stimulating the body’s pressure points, acupuncture promotes spontaneous relief. This procedure causes the nervous system to release substances that alter pain perception.

2. Aromatherapy oils

Some essential oils, like Roman lavender and chamomile, may improve the body’s circulation by applying diluted oils to the affected area. Using an infuser can help with insomnia and provide a better night’s sleep.

3. Exercise

Exercising regularly can help you manage discomfort and improve your overall health. If you can keep your blood sugar levels down by being active, this can help to save nerve damage or at least slow the process.

4. Give up smoking

Smoking harms blood circulation. If blood circulation is disturbed or not well maintained, peripheral neuropathy can cause laziness and severe pain. You can lessen the symptoms by quitting smoking.

5. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers. According to one study: Use of Capsaicin to Treat Pain: Mechanistic and Therapeutic Considerations, capsaicin is used as a topical treatment due to its pain-lowering qualities. Hence, it provides a relaxing feeling, and the pain signals transmitted to the brain are reduced. Make a little adjustment to your diet by adding cayenne pepper. This small addition may help to lower the neuropathy pain.

6. Arginine Circulation Gel

An amino acid that has a significant impact on the nerve root is L-arginine, the active ingredient found in arginine circulation gel. L-arginine has a dramatic effect on nerves by dilating the blood vessels that supply the nerves and increasing oxygen supply. Nutrients carried by the oxygen are vital to the possibility of mending still viable nerves.

According to another study about arginine, L-arginine supplementation reduced the development of mechanical hyperalgesia in severe neuropathy. Arginine has also been successfully used as an active ingredient in wound healing cream compositions. Arginine circulation gel improves blood flow and functions as an active nutrient rather than the complex acting as a protective shell.

Learn from our blog about L-Arginine Topical Cream: The Natural Remedy to Increase Blood Flow Circulation, Intimacy, Libido, Stamina and Better Workouts.

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