No More Sleepless Nights With Our 5 Natural Sleep Aid Tips!
5 Natural Sleep Aid Tips

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep. But to some? Sleep is for the weak.

When faced with a never-ending pile of paperwork, one has got no time for a full, restful night’s sleep. However, this habit of missing sleep and neglecting a healthy sleeping habit could lead to sleep deprivation that may cause impaired focus and mood swings.

To prevent the worsening symptoms of sleeplessness, most people rely on natural sleep aid creams and pills to help them sleep at night. But why take that sleeping aid when you can gain a healthy sleep-wake pattern naturally with these five easy tips? Check them all below.

1. Limit daytime napping.

Spoiling yourself with a daytime nap can sometimes do you more harm than good. Yes, you need to recharge your mind and body when everything’s exhausting. But you have to be careful how much of a nap you take every day.

A 30-minute nap or less is the average duration for a daytime nap. An excess from that may hamper with your natural circadian rhythm, causing interference in your nighttime sleeping pattern.

A study has shown that students who are long and late nappers tend to have difficulty sleeping in the evening. So, you got to impose more discipline on yourself when talking about daytime napping. Make sure to limit your naps to about 30 minutes or less if you can.

2. Establish a quiet and peaceful environment.

Your sleeping environment has a huge impact on sleep quality as your sleeping brain can still process sounds registered in your ears involuntarily, which can cause difficulty sleeping or remaining asleep. Creating a calm and relaxing bedroom is a great way to prevent this.

But how do you establish a quiet and peaceful sleeping environment? We have two tips.

First, of course, is to turn off the TV or the radio and close the doors and windows of your room to stay away from unwanted noises. Next, place your mobile phones and any other gadgets on the bedside table. This is very important as the blue or yellow light emitted from electronic devices are said to suppress delta brainwaves responsible for inducing sleep.

3. Reduce caffeine intake before going to bed.

We all know that caffeine is a popular stimulant. So, would it be surprising if we tell you that caffeine might be the reason why you can’t sleep at night?

Researchers have found that daytime sleepiness is commonly a consequence to a high caffeine intake that results in sleep deprivation. We’re not saying, however, that coffee is all bad. There are health benefits you can get from caffeine. But it is best to moderate your coffee intake before bedtime to prevent will caffeine from interfering with your sleep-wake cycle. And if you are thinking that your tea is any different, unfortunately not. Drink something fruity or calming if you drink it later in the day.

3m Sleep - Best Natural Sleep Aid4. Try aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is not a cure for sleeping disorders. However, the use of essential oils in soothing and relaxing the mind and body is an effective method to help you sleep faster. Aromatherapists say that these natural oils are useful in relieving stress, anxiety, and mood disturbances, which is beneficial in promoting a restful night of sleep.

There are many ways you can use essential oils. Try the following:

  • Spray on your pillows and bedsheet before bedtime.
  • Sprinkle a few drops in a tub filled with water and soak for at least 15 minutes.
  • Add a drop or two in your massage oils for a more soothing effect.

5. Take melatonin supplements.

If all the natural methods mentioned above failed you, don’t fret. Melatonin supplements could be your what you are actually lacking.

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by your pineal gland that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. It rises in the evening and falls by the time the sun sets in the morning – this pattern is key in inducing a proper sleeping habit.

However, disruptions in the release of melatonin due to factors affecting the circadian rhythm such as those previously noted like increased blue light exposure at night, sleep deprivation, noisy sleeping environment, and too much caffeine intake can impair the regulation of melatonin in your body. To help bring balance back to your melatonin levels at night, try 3M Sleep Cream, a breakthrough transdermal supplement of Whole Family Products that uses not just melatonin but also magnesium for sleep aid.

3M Sleep For Improving Sleeping Habits

3M Sleep Cream is the best natural sleep aid cream that contains a perfect natural formula of melatonin and Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride to help improve poor sleeping habits. We all know that melatonin, the Master Sleep Hormone, works effectively in promoting healthy, restorative sleep. But 3M Sleep Cream also packs magnesium, a mineral proven by medical researchers to support deep, quality sleep along with MSM to sooth muscle spasms. Check out our blog for an exciting read about magnesium and sleep.

Have you been using natural sleep aid creams and lotions too? What improvements have you noticed in your sleeping habits? Share with us in the comments!


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