Fertility Tracker

The Fertility Tracker –

Available for Wholesale.


Fertility Tester, Monitor, Saliva Ovulation Predictor Kit all rolled into one simple to use, non invasive, reusable, reliable and versatile unit.


The Fertility Tracker is used for Natural Family Planning and Tracking Fertility; month after month.
The Fertility Tracker comes complete with:

  • 44 page booklet – This is the most important part of the Fertility Tracker because of the valuable information regarding how to track your fertility and how to read the slides.
  • carrying case and a floral organza bag to keep it in
  • 2-AA batteries installed
  • 6 reusable slides – making this your most cost effective product.  The Fertility Tracker is non-invasive.  You don’t have to pee on a stick or in a cup.  Simple lick the slide and look at it under the microscope.  The results will make with examples in the booklet and you can save the slide to revisit the next day and the next up to 5 days to look back on and compare.
  • Visit the Fertility Tracker Saliva Monitor website for more info.

The Fertility Tracker also comes with FREE ongoing email support and more for only $44.95.  We know ferning, fertility, infertility and natural family planning.  Our business is about your needs; not our sales.

Pricing is very affordable for the amount of use you will get from the Fertility Tracker.  Every so often you will need to change the batteries but otherwise the Fertility Tracker is to be used over and over again.

Special pricing begins at only 2 Fertility Trackers; 1 for you and 1 for a friend.

Fertility Tracking

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Fertility Tracking

One of the most convenient ways of fertility tracking can be done with our Fertility Tracker®. The Fertility Tracker® is a 100X magnification illuminated microscope that allows you to monitor the levels of estrogen in your body. Specifically designed to provide identification of fern patterns in female saliva immediately before and during the ovulatory response, the Fertility Tracker® offers an easy way of fertility tracking.

FertilityTrackerWith the Fertility Tracker®, you get 6 slides so that you can then easily compare previous patterns with one another. It can be used as an effective aid in the detection of ovulation during the menstrual cycle through identification of increased system electrolytes which generally precede ovulation. The basis of fertility tracking with the Fertility Tracker® has to do with the estrogen levels in your saliva. (more…)