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Acai XtraAcai Xtra is a powerful weight loss supplement in capsules.  60 capsules per bottle.   Take 1 – 2 per day as needed.   Visit our store.

Acai Xtra showcases the powerful effects of Acai on the body.  We have personally used this product and have given enough away for the purpose of studying acai that we have a pretty good handle on this wonderful fruit supplement.  How would you feel about losing 4lbs in the first week without feeling that you dieted, 2 the next and averaging 1 lb each week without feeling that you deprived yourself, without feeling any hunger pangs or starvation?  You would feel great, just like the women in our study did.

Hoping for more weightloss than at that rate?  You are looking for a starvation diet and that is NOT what Acai Xtra is.  Acai Xtra is reasonable and steady weight loss.  It is feeling great every day and not forcing yourself to be good.

Acai Xtra is so easy to take.  Just 1 capsule in the morning will do it.  1 Bottle will last 60 days or 30 if you take another capsule in the afternoon, for those who have very long days and need a little boost later in the day.

Acai Xtra has as much natural caffeine as 2/3 of a cup of coffee.  It won’t make you feel jittery.

Acai Xtra is not a juice you have to swallow and does not required pill after pill before a meal, after a meal… You get it, right?  It is 1 capsule in the morning.  Heck, you decide when to take it because it begins to work quickly afterward.

Acai Xtra is the first thing that has helped women to lose weight easily AFTER menopause. Now that is big news.  Want to add an extra boost?  Try Acai Xtra Weightloss Pack.  1 Acai Xtra and 1 Lose While You Snooze.  It’s like buying 1 bottle and getting the 2nd for half off.  That is powerful weightloss ability.

Can I think of a reason YOU wouldn’t want to try Acai Xtra also?  Just one.  If you have a strong aversion to caffeine.  We have heard that even those who do not drink coffee or tea still do not have any concerns with Acai Xtra but I would be amiss if I didn’t mention it.

You decide.  I did and the weight is steadily coming off.  Even on my cruise vacation I felt strong and empowered to make choices without any willpower of my own.

Acai berries and acai berry juice provide powerful antioxidants.  So much so that the University of Florida had a much to say about their findings when studying the effects on cancer in their acai berry research.  Read our article siting them about the research with acai berry and cancer.


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Looking for a great compliment to Acai-Xtra?  Consider Lose While You Snooze capsules or liquid for a great night’s sleep and a thinner you in the morning.

Lose While You Snooze capsules

Lose While You Snooze is a liquid collagen weight loss product in a convenient, easy to take, no nasty taste, gel cap.  Just take 3 just before bed and you’ll find you sleep better AND wake up feeling renewed and restored.  You’ll also feel leaner since the collagen and aloe vera help your body to burn fat in your sleep.  What could be better?  You’ll curb your appetite, take control of your urges, level your blood sugar AND lose weight in your sleep as well.  Did we mention that you can gain lean muscle mass as well?

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