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Sperm Friendly Lubricating Gel is just what the names says sperm friendly lubricating gel. To find products that are sperm friendly when trying to conceive it's important but not always an easy find.   Many couples find that a vaginal lubricant is necessary and a welcome help as they try to conceive but are concerned that it is also a sperm friendly lubricant. Today's market has not always made it easy to find a sperm friendly lubricant especially one that is reasonably priced. Our sperm friendly lubricating gel formula has been used across the USA  by doctors both obstetricians and gynecologists because it is latex and sperm compatible while not interferring with a pap smear.  It's the first choice used during in-vitro fertilization and is formulated to be just like the body's own lubricating system naturally.  It is also the healthy choice suggested by sex therapists.

Our sperm friendly lubricating gel has been on the market for over a couple decades.  Our sperm friendly gel enhances the pleasure of intimacy without leaving a sticky residue. It is water-soluble, water-based, odorless, long lasting, latex compatible, sperm friendly, and hygienically safe,.


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