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Fertility Boosting Kit for Couples contains:

1 Fertile Balance Organic Progesterone Cream

1 Female Hormone Balance was born from a need as is any great natural health product.  The ingredients found in FHB have been used for centuries to balance hormones, gently cleanse the endocrine system and build the female reproductive and fertility system.)

1 Fertile Male - This is not a male enhancement product but one design to create healthier “swimmers” for men and more abundantly. Sperm count, motility, morbidity, semen quantity and number are just important to men as egg quality for women. Fertile Male for Men is designed to give you the magic number needed to increase male fertility and virility.

1 Slippery Gel - When trying to conceive it's important to use products that are sperm friendly. Some couples need the extra help from a vaginal lubricant, and in today's market there are either no choices for sperm friendly lubricants or reasonably priced ones. Slippery Gel Personal Lubricant is the same exact formula used by gynecologists and obstetricians across the USA that is latex, pap smear and sperm compatible.

1 Fertile Gel 4 oz for both of you, better libido and hardness.

All for only $89.75.  (Save 15%)  Retails for $104.75.

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