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What separates Cycle Balance Cream® from the rest?

::: Cold pressed for easy assimilation; not heated and therefore not "ruined"
::: Perfected amount of micronized natural progesterone per oz; as per Dr. Lee
::: Gentle ingredients; no harsh smells or perfumes                

::: Happy customers -     our best advantage!
::: Pump / spray for measured dose every time.                    

::: No perfumes or dyes

Cycle Balance Natural Progesterone Cream®

Welcome to the home of Cycle Balance Natural Progesterone Cream®. If you know anything about natural progesterone, and most do by association with the writings of Dr. John R Lee, MD, you will know that certain factors should be present for a "good" progesterone cream.

Then find out what it takes to have a "great" progesterone cream just as Cycle Pro Balance Cream.

At Cycle Balance we believe that you should never have to worry that you have used too little or too much.  This is why we use a measured pump to contain our product.  Now you can worry about more important matters; other than how much progesterone you have on your fingertip. 

Cycle Balance Cream  gives superior penetration for the deepest and most complete delivery of natural progesterone.

Cycle Balance Cream is  cold processed for easier assimilation, you won't find a better delivery of progesterone and in a gentle base.  That means it goes into your skin better and is used more by your body.  It also means you can skip the goopy mess of trying to figure out where to put all the cream you have to use with others to get the same benefits.

Cycle Balance Natural Progesterone Cream® is a non comedogenic (meaning does not cause a reaction) cold processed cream (meaning that it is not heated above a temperature which would affect its integrity) that is free of isopropyl palmitates, glycerol stearate, octyl palmitate, stearic acid, DEA, triethanolarmine (TEA), dimethicone, cyclomethicone, PEG, alcohols, emulsifying wax, dyes, colors or mineral oil. The Lanol (vegetable ester) is blended with Aloe Vera and a dermal delivery system. Lanol has a reputation as one of the finest cosmetic moisturizers and reputed to maintain youthful appearance; Aloe Vera is world renowned for its capabilities to hydrate the skin.

Active ingredient: 1000 mg Micronized Natural Progesterone

Inert ingredients: Purified Water, Lanol (vegetable ester), Aloe Vera,  Sepigel is (C 13-14, Isoparaffin, Laureth-7) Essential Omega oils, Potassium Sorbate, Sorbic Acid    Cycle Balance Progesterone Cream is as gentle as washing your face but with a better absorption of Micronized Natural Progesterone and the perfect amount every time.

Natural Progesterone Cream is used by women in all stages of life. The young teen (to regulate menstrual cycles and relieve cramps), PMS symptoms relief, Menopause and Post Menopause, Endometrioses, Fibroids (Uterine and Breast), Osteoporises and to help get pregnant (Infertility), Maintain Pregnancy, Prevent Miscarriage due to low progesterone and high estrogen levels and for Postpartum Depression just to name a few. Dr. John Lee writes natural progesterone cream is good for women to help prevent strokes, breast cancer, and it also regulates the sticky platelets in the blood. You can and should use natural progesterone before during and after pregnancy!

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